Analytics by UTM- labels

Google Analytics is an additional service that allows you to track what actions visitors to your site perform. This includes the actions of customers who are sent to your site after clicking a link in one of your e-mails.

The SendPulse mailing list services supports gathering external statistics using Google Analytics. 

When you send out your e-mails, you must ensure that all links in the e-mail be marked with special “utm tags”.

These tags can be entered manually, or the mailing list service can automatically add them to links.

For example, the usual link looks like

A link with arguments that are passed:  

What do the arguments mean?


specifies the source of your ad campaign (e.g. your mailing or the mailing of one of your partners)



specifies the means of delivering traffic; in the case of a mailing list, there is only one means: e-mail


This argument allows you to get statistics for specific ad campaign in your Google Analytics account.

Therefore, the name of the ad campaign should be easy to understand and remember, e.g.“spring-discounts”.


All values for utm tags should be passed in ASCII letters without spaces.


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