Sources of Automatically Added Deals

You can add deals manually or set up integrations to automatically create deals after communicating with a client on one of the communication channels. Integrate CRM with chatbots, email services, landing pages, payment systems, pop-ups, subscription forms in SendPulse, and other services.

When you create deals in CRM, contacts are also automatically created.


Set up automatic deal creation with contact data when a contact performs a certain action, for example, by clicking the "Submit order" button.

To do this, add the "Action" element in the chatbot flow and select "Create deal."

Select a pipeline and deal stage — the pipeline and stage to place a deal card. Then, enter a deal name. You can also add a variable to the deal name to pass custom data.

Click Apply.

Automation 360

Set up automatic deal creation with contact data after certain conditions are met, for example, following a link or receiving an event.

To do this, add the "Action" element in the autoflow and select "Create a deal."

Select the status of the deal — at which stage of the pipeline to place the deal card, and assign someone on your team to manage the client.

Click Apply.

Landing page

Set up automatic deal creation with contact data through a subscription form on your SendPulse landing page.

To do this, enter a deal name, then, select the pipeline stage of the deal in the "Form" element.

You can also associate form fields to variables in CRM. To do this, select a form field and a contact or deal variable in CRM to save the value.

Click "Save and publish."


Set up automatic deal creation with contact data through payments that come from chatbots or sites (coming soon). You can choose in which pipeline and at what stage of the pipeline to create deals, depending on the status of the payment.

By default, all deals are created in the existing first pipeline.

To change the pipeline to add deals from chatbots to, select the one you want for the “Payment” button in the “Message” element.

To change the pipeline to add deals from website to, select the one you want for the "Payments" element in our website builder.

You can also choose at which stage of the pipeline deal will be added, depending on the status of the payment.

Go to the settings of the selected funnel and select the transaction status next to each payment status:

New payment — the payment was initiated by the user after clicking a button with the "Payment" type, but the status - "Successful" or "Unsuccessful" payment has not yet been received.

Successful payment — the payment was made successfully and the money will be withdrawn from the selected payment system.

Unsuccessful payment — the payment ended with error.

By default, if you do not select a status, all deals will be added to the first stage of the pipeline.

You can learn more about the status of initiated payments in your account settings in the "Accept payments" tab.

Subscription Form

Set up automatic deal creation with contact data through email service subscription forms.

Go to the "Subscription Forms" section and create a new form, or select an existing one. Go to "Form options" > "Form Data and Type" and activate the "Add subscribers to CRM" option.

Drag and drop the "Input" element. Enter the input field label, and select a variable from the mailing list where the transferred data will be saved.

Select the CRM contact variable where you want to save the transferred data.

Integration with other services

Create deals automatically using integrations with other services. After registering or ordering products, the integration will transfer the data about the user, deal details, and items.

To do this, go to the "Integration" section, and select the integration to configure.

Read more: How to Integrate CRM with Tilda.


Create courses to share your experience and knowledge with students. A course registration page is automatically generated each time you create a new course.

When a student registers for your course or asks a question on the registration page, their contact card is created in CRM. You can filter such contacts by the “Courses” parameter in the “Source” section. You can also view additional information about students’ course progress in the “Courses” tab.

All questions that students ask via the feedback form on your course registration page will be added as comments to deals in CRM.

Learn more: How to Enroll Students in a Сourse and How to View Student Questions.


You can automatically create deals with lead data gathered using pop-ups.

When creating a pop-up, enable the "Create a deal in CRM" option in the "Content" tab, and select a pipeline and status you want to assign to your new contacts.

Read also: Smart Pop-up Launch Scenario Examples.


Create deals with contact data automatically when integrating with an external service via API.

For example, you can use the "Create Deal" method to send information about a new deal after a certain event in another service.

Integration Use Efficiency Statistics

You can view your integration use efficiency statistics on the home page to see what other tools you can implement to grow your business.

To see which SendPulse services are in use and which are not, click the down arrow.

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