How to Check Mailing List Statistics

Analyze subscriber activity - opens, redirects and ratings, mailing list status and its source, way contact was added - and improve the quality of your mailing list. Detailed tables and graphs for each mailing list are available.

To view statistics, select the mailing list you want and go to the "Statistics" tab.

Subscriber Activity Widget

On the left you can check general information on the activity of subscribers: open and click rates, and the average rating of the contacts on your mailing list.

General Information on Contacts in a Mailing List

On the right, you will see a list of contacts - email addresses and phone numbers, filtered by status.

You can click on each contact group by status to see a list of contacts that belong to it. Also, if you click on an address itself, you will see detailed information only for it.

Graphical Mailing List Statistics

You can view statistics about changes in the number of subscribers for the period in a graphical presentation.

Filter by Date

Select the required period: a week, a month, a quarter, all time, or a selected period of time.

Below you will see two graphs with indicators for the selected period. You can analyze how the structure of your mailing list has changed and where your subscribers came from.

Number of Subscribers by Status

The data column on the graph above the "0" mark displays the number of total available contacts for the period:

Green - new contacts.
Blue - active contacts.
Gray - disabled contacts.

Below the "0" mark, the number of unavailable contacts is displayed.
Orange - unsubscribed contacts.
Red - removed contacts.

The data in the chart is not clickable, but you can sort addresses by status using a filter in the mailing list.

Number of Subscribers by Source

You can also see a graph that represents the source of your subscribers.

The possible sources are:

Added manually - you have uploaded the addresses using a file or entered the addresses in the field manually.

Subscription form - a contact has been added to the book by subscribing via a form created in the SendPulse constructor.

Added via chatbot - the contact was added using a chatbot when the user entered their phone number or email address:

  • when subscribing through a widget with passing additional variables,
  • when the user goes through the user input element.

In this case, a mailing list with the name of your bot is automatically created.

Added via API - the contact was added via an integration using API.

Email addresses added through integrations with a service will be named as the services themselves. SendPulse recognizes the following integrations: amoCRM, Bitrix, WooCommerce, Zapier, ConstantContact, GetResponce, MailChimp, Unisender.

Unknown - the source has not been identified. Usually this happens with imports from third-party systems.

Updating and Storing Statistics

Statistics are stored and displayed in a mailing list for up to one year. After the expiration date, the data is deleted.

The countdown of statistics for the mailing list starts from the date of the first change to the list from the moment statistics were put into operation, that is, from 04/12/2020.

Statistics are updated instantly. The time of the last update is displayed in the lower right corner of the graphs.

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