How to work with contact tags

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Assign tags to organize your work with contacts. You will be able to filter and segment contacts according to certain criteria to find the contacts you need faster and individual work with each group. For example, you can add a tag based on customer preferences or change the status of working with a customer.

You can also create contact segments, filter contacts inside the mailing list, and send personalized campaigns by selecting the desired audience segment by tag. Let's take a closer look at how to work with tags.

How tags work

A tag is a specific label for contacts that helps you organize your audience and separate groups of contacts for personalized communication.

Tags work globally across your entire account. When you assign a tag to a contact in one mailing list, that contact is tagged simultaneously in all other mailing lists.

When you edit a tag in the tag settings, this tag is updated for all of your contacts in all of your mailing lists.

How to create a tag

You can create a tag via the global tag settings. To do this, go to the Mailing lists tab and click Tags.

Click Create new tag and give the tag a name — up to 256 characters. You can choose the color of the tag and add emoji.

Click Save. Now you can assign the created tag to the selected contact or contact group.

You can also set tags for a contact in a mailing list. When using this method, you will not be able to choose a color or add emoji right away — for this, you need to go to the tag settings mentioned above.

How to assign a tag

Assign an existing tag to an individual contact

Select a contact, in the Tags column, click on the field and select the desired tag from the list of tags.

You can also click on an email address to go to the subscriber’s contact details and create a new tag or assign an existing tag.

You can add up to 100 tags per contact.

Create and assign a new tag to one contact

Select a contact in the Tags column, click on the field and enter a name for the new tag.

Assign an existing tag to a contact group

Highlight all contacts in a particular mailing list segment and click Tag to assign one tag to all of the selected contacts.

Assign an existing tag to a filtered contact group

To select a group of contacts by various criteria, click Filter and select a filter condition: by subscription date or the date you added a contact manually, address status, address verification status, id and email address of the searched for contact, phone availability, or assigned tags.

Every contact that matches the filter conditions will be displayed.

Then click Actions, select Assign tag, and select the tag you want to assign.

Assign a tag to an entire mailing list

Go to the mailing list, click Action, select Assign tag, and select the tag that you want to assign to every contact on the mailing list.

Create and assign a tag when adding contacts

When uploading a file with contacts or entering them manually, you can add a tag to all of the new contacts from your previously created tags or create a new one.

How to edit a Tag

Go to Mailing list > Tags. Here you will find a list of all of the tags you’ve created. You can view the number of contacts that have a specific tag, edit existing tags, remove a tag for all contacts, or create a new one.

To edit the selected tag, open the additional options menu opposite it and select Edit.

You can change its name, color and add emoji to your tag.

Once saved, the tag will update for all of the contacts it is assigned to.

How to remove a tag

Remove a tag from a contact

To remove a tag from a specific contact, in the Tags column, hover over the tag and click on the X.

Remove tags in bulk

Select your contacts, click Tags, and select the tag you want to remove from the selected contacts.

Also, through the Actions menu, you can remove tags for contacts of the entire mailing list or for filtered contacts.

Remove a tag from all contacts in your account

Go to the section Mailing lists > Tags, and opposite the created tag in the drop-down menu, select Delete.

How to segment contacts by tag

Go to the required mailing list in the Segments tab and click Add segment. Select the segment type Tag, the condition, and the tag by which you want to select contacts

You can also create campaigns for contacts with a specific tag using segmentation or the Contacts with tags recipient type.

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