In email marketing, the term “industry average” means average rates of the following markers for email campaigns in the given industry:

Why do you need to know your industry average? 

Knowing your industry average helps you compare your email campaign statistics with the average results in your sphere of business. When you open the statistics of your campaign, without having anything to compare it to, it may be unclear whether it was successful or if it failed. 

How many unsubscribes are normal? Is my open rate high enough? Is the click-through rate too low? You will get answers to these questions by looking at the average industry rates. Thus, it is possible to assess the strong and weak sides of email campaigns.

Let’s see the global statistics of the email marketing industry average for 2016

Global statistics of industry average

According to the 2016 global statistics, email open rates, click-through rates, and click to open rates, the highest indexes are in the consumer goods, travel and transportation, and education industries. 

As for click to open rates, the highest indexes are in the online advertising and finance, banking and insurance, and online business industries.

Knowing your email campaign statistics is essential as it helps correct the strategy, get useful insights into your work and improve the methodology. With SendPulse, you can track the reports right after sending the first campaign. If your mailing list has less than 500 subscribers, send 15,000 emails for free every month!

Use personalization, segmentation, A/B testing, resend to unread and other instruments to improve your campaign performance.

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