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Create Relevant Web Push Notifications in SendPulse

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Create Relevant Web Push Notifications in SendPulse

Professional online marketers use segmentation to show more relevant content to leads. Today, we are going to talk about web push segmentation and its benefits. We will also explain what the web push notifications are for the newbies. This article is not for online marketing professionals. We are writing this item for first-time entrepreneurs with limited budgets who are striving to learn about product promotion by means of online marketing.

What is a web push notification?

A web push notification is a short message that appears on a user’s desktop, even if the browser is closed or the computer is switched off. In order to get the web push notification, the user needs to click “Allow” in the subscription form, which pops up a few seconds after the website has been opened. Below is an example of such a subscription form. NY times web push SendPulse’s web push notification statistics show that 45% of users subscribe for web push notifications when entering a site. In addition, the general delivery of web push notifications is more than 60%.

What information can be delivered via web push notifications?

  • Special offers at the beginning or end of a discount period
  • Order status in an online retailer
  • Notifications about the beginning or end of some events
  • Content updates on the site
  • Launch of a new product
  • Invitation to webinars or other events

Web push keeps it short and simple

According to scientists, human attentiveness has remarkably shortened because mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives. In the 2000s, it was 12 seconds, while nowadays it is only 8 seconds. What does this mean? To attract a user and achieve specific actions, the message should be short but meaningful. The size of a web push notification is 125 characters at most, which creates excellent conditions to put maximum sense in minimum content. In doing so, you encourage the user to do an immediate specific action.

Web push subscription does not allow spamming

After the subscription, each user gets an individual secret code, called a token. A token depends on the device type, browser, and site domain. Moreover, it is technically impossible to copy a token base and move it to another service. Therefore, this option excludes the situations where the bases pass into other hands, and users of a site receive web pushes from the sites they have not subscribed to.

So what are the benefits of web push segmentation?

Web push segmentation allows users to send different notifications to segmented subscribers according to their interests, subscription pages, locations etc. SendPulse has the option of web push notifications segmentation based on: – subscription pages; – browser language; – subscription date; and – region or city. You can also add your personal filters and variables for detailed segmentation. SendPulse web push segmentation To show how segmentation works, we suggest you review the example of segmentation based on subscription page. Subscription forms are mostly placed on the main page. However, setting it up on a section of the site other than the main page can bring the following benefits:

  • The users have time to look through your site and make up their mind if they need notifications
  • You can monitor the users’ interests

Consequently, you can send relevant web push notifications to users depending on the subscription pages. Consider this example: a food delivery site contains the following topic sections: “Pizza,” “Burgers,” “Sushi” etc. In the “Pizza” section, the subscription form for special offers appears after a few seconds. Subscrition with segmentation If a visitor subscribes for notifications in the “Pizza” section, you can segment them in a separate address book so that you can later send them special offers from pizza and Italian restaurants, just like in the example below. Personalised offer For details on how to segment mailing lists for web push notifications in SendPulse, see our Knowledge Base.


We recommend you be reasonable when testing web push segmentation. What do we mean by that? If you subscribe a person from a specific website page, do not isolate them by offering goods or services from other sections. You should better use segmented web push notifications in combination with offers aimed at all subscribers of your base. Make use of it, but do not overdo it. Sign up to SendPulse to send multiple web push notifications absolutely for free if your database is less than 10,000 subscribers!

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31 Mar. 2017

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