Benefits of segmentation in email marketing

Segmentation is all about delivering relevant and personalized content to users based on available data. Such emails generate more opens and keep subscribers engaged.

Delivery rate

+ 24%

Unsubscribe rate



+ 34%

Open rate

+ 39%

Mailing list segmentation research — SendPulse, January 01, 2018

Types of segmentation

Create segments based on how subscribers interact with previous email campaigns

subscribers actions

Subscribers actions

Group subscribers based on their actions: didn’t open an email, opened but didn’t click a link, opened and clicked a link or clicked a specific link.

recipients rating

Subscribers rating

Segment subscribers by their rating which is formed automatically based on total opens and clicks on previous email campaigns.



Divide subscribers into groups by opens and clicks over a specified calendar period.

Segmentation variables

The more you know about your subscribers, the better you can understand their needs

segmantation edit segmantation list
variable name


To send relevant offers, e.g. shaving razors for men; lipsticks for women.

variable profession


To create content that solves different pain points, e.g. a guide to Instagram promotion for marketer or employment law and human resources solutions for HR.

variable city


To send event invitations to people who live in the required city, e.g. an invitation to King Tut Exhibition in Los Angeles for Californians.

variable age


To send targeted offers that best match a particular group’s needs, e.g. best off-campus housing for students under 25 y.o.

Ready-to-use segments

You don’t need to specify conditions for segmentation manually. SendPulse provides you with ready-to-use segments that are formed automatically based on the activity of your subscribers.

all base segmentation
new segments

New subscribers

Subscribers added to the list in the last 30 days

active segments

Active subscribers

Subscribers who opened one or more of the recent five email campaigns sent within three months

inactive segments

Inactive subscribers

Subscribers who opened none of the recent five email campaigns sent within three months

Options available when working with segments


Export information

Download information about your subscribers as CSV, XLS and XLSX files, or request a report to your email.


Copy segments

Copy contacts and all variables to the required mailing list.


Move segments

Move a segment to another mailing list.


Delete unsubscribed contacts

Clean your mailing list from all unsubscribed contacts.

Analyze data and send relevant emails