Not only your email copywriting matters but the email service you've chosen matters, as well. The domain reputation of your email service plays a huge role in your campaign's success. Using an email service with a good reputation allows your emails to pass through spam filters without a sweat. 

How to Calculate an Email Delivery Rate

Email delivery rates are calculated by dividing the number of emails sent minus bounces by the number of emails sent. You should remember that the number of emails sent is not the same as the number of emails delivered because when you send mailings, some emails may have bounced.

Delivery rate formula

Bounces are emails that can’t be delivered to recipients’ inboxes.

Email Bounce Classifications

  1. Hard bounce
  2. Soft bounce

Hard bounce

This happens when an email can't be delivered because the recipient’s address is invalid, or the email domain doesn’t exist. Find out more.

SendPulse offers an Email Verifier for you to check your mailing list before sending a campaign. This tool detects invalid email addresses and removes them from your mailing list. As a result, you send emails to valid addresses and your email deliverability is high. 

Soft bounce

This happens when an email can't be delivered because of one of the following reasons: the recipient’s inbox is full, your email is too large, or the server is down. Find out more.

As an email marketer, you should always track the delivery rate of all your email campaigns. Your goal is to achieve a delivery rate of 95% or higher. 

Track delivery rate in SendPulse

If the delivery rate of your email campaigns is reduced each time, then it’s time to examine your mailing list. Maybe it has too many invalid email addresses. Also, pay attention to your subject lines and content. Perhaps they consist of words that ESPs usually block, equating these messages to spam.

With our service, tracking your delivery rate is a simple process. You need to open your statistics report

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