Facebook reach is the number of people who have seen your posts, page, or advertisements. It comprises unique views. If 20 users looked through your page yesterday, your reach is 20 regardless of multiple visits. Facebook reach is calculated in 2-day, 7-day, and 28-day increments.

In this article, you'll know why monitoring Facebook reach is important and how it differs from impressions. You'll learn how to check and improve the metric.

So, let's get to know which benefits you can reap if you regularly monitor your reach.

Why is Facebook reach important?

Each marketer should track the reach of the content produced since it helps make informed decisions. As far as outreach shows the number of people who saw your content, you can have an idea of its performance and user engagement. This social media network lets you monitor the outreach of your page or post, so you can know which type and format of content perform better and which is less engaging for your audience. Consequently, you can make wise investment decisions.

Generally, Facebook's reach is divided into two types: post reach and page reach. Post reach enables you to know the number of users who saw a particular post of your brand in their news feed. Page reach is the number of users who see your page. Then, each type can be applied to Facebook's organic, viral, and paid reach.

Facebook organic reach means the number of followers who saw your content in their feed based on the Facebook algorithm, which considers their previous interactions and preferences to demonstrate only relevant content. Facebook's viral reach implies the number of users who saw your content due to some third parties. Your fans may comment, like, or share your post. So, if their friends see this post in their feed, it will count as viral reach. This measure shows a high level of engagement in your community which is valuable for every business. Facebook paid reach means the number of users who saw your paid posts in their feed. So, you can determine which type of ads bring you more exposure and clients and make the correct decisions.

Marketers evaluate the results of their work, taking into account reach and impressions. Let's see how these metrics differ.

Facebook Reach vs Impressions

While Facebook reach shows the number of unique users who saw your posts or page, impressions demonstrate the number of times your content was displayed in users' news feed. Impressions are always higher than reach because this metric considers multiple views. So, if you have 100 fans but your post impressions make up 200, there were multiple views from one account. Facebook analyzes impressions of sponsored posts only.

Both metrics are equally important since they enable you to analyze your content strategy performance and communicate with your audience more effectively.

Now that you know how Facebook reach is important, let's get to know how to check it.

How to check Facebook reach?

Facebook shares this data with the owners of business accounts. So, switch your account type to monitor your post reach.

The easiest way to find your organic post reach is to look at it. Facebook shows the number of people reached right under the post.

In your business account, you can see the people reached with your page in the "Insights" tab.

You can navigate to "Insights" from your admin panel for more detailed stats. Here you can find your post and story reach for a certain timeframe in the "Overview" section or navigate to the "Reach" section for more data. You can discover the total reach and reach by groups: organic, paid, and viral.

Alternatively, you can view post statistics in the "Page posts" section in Meta Business Manager.

Now you might be interested in strategies that will help you boost your Facebook reach. Read on!

How to improve your Facebook reach?

In this section, we'll share some effective tips that will help you increase your Facebook reach.

  1. Choose the best timing. Time is as important as your content quality. Your post may be highly relevant and engaging for your target audience, but if you publish it at night, you're unlikely to be at the top of their news feeds. To choose the best time, use Facebook analytics. Page Insights in the Posts section will tell you when your fans are most active. So, choose these days and times for post publication, but mind competition. Your brand is not the only one they follow. Try to post sometime before the peak hours to be the first.
  2. Go live and create stories. These content formats are awesome for boosting your organic reach on Facebook since this social media network rewards content maker who stimulates meaningful interactions with the audience. Going live lets you show who stands behind your brand, and your followers can communicate with like-minded people in the comments. You can answer users' FAQs or run live coaching sessions.
  3. Combine different content formats. Test different content types and formats to keep your followers engaged. If you post only text blog posts and images, try something new. Create videos, stories, quizzes, polls, questions, memes, podcasts, user-generated content, infographics, how-to lists, giveaways, etc. You never know which type will hit the right chord with your audience until you try it. Check out the reach of each content piece and invest in top-performing types.
  4. Repurpose your evergreen content. Why don't you reap additional benefits from your evergreen content? Select the posts that performed well in the past. Make sure they are actual and relevant for users today. You can change the format of the content. For example, if it was an article, you can transform it into a video or podcast. Study your target audience's preferences. Mind that if your post was initially attached to specific data, it might be outdated. Choose the posts that got the most likes and shares and try again.
  5. Run contests. They will help you boost engagement and build a community. Encourage your followers to like and comment your posts. This way, Facebook algorithms will consider your content relevant and place it in the Feeds. You can also conduct giveaways to increase engagement and generate new leads.
  6. Incorporate user-generated content. People would rather believe the recommendations of their friends and colleagues rather than advertising. Encourage your customers to feature your brand when mentioning it in their posts and stories. You can reward the most creative followers with a gift. Share the best photos on your page. Alternatively, you can create your branded hashtag and ask clients to use it when mentioning your company. Launching a contest is another great idea to create buzz around your brand and improve engagement.

Congrats, now you know why Facebook reach matters and how to check and improve it. With SendPulse promotional tools, you can better advertise your company and bring communication with customers to the next level.

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