A lead nurturing email is an email that marketers send to move users from the consideration stage to the decision stage of the lead funnel. These emails aim to show more details about a product or service and highlight its best features.

Lead nurturing emails often appeal to emotions by using social proof and user-generated content. Sometimes, they simply offer considerable discounts to add more incentive for making a purchase. Marketers develop a lead nurturing strategy to influence decision-making and sell the idea that it’s best to buy specific products from their brand. Without nurturing, users may decide to purchase elsewhere or change their mind and not shop at all.

Email campaigns are widely used in the lead nurturing process since this medium is flexible and allows brands to create all sorts of messages depending on their goals. Let’s find out why sending these emails is worth your while.

Why are lead nurturing emails important?

  • Increased sales
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Automation options

There are a few reasons to actively use these emails in your lead nurturing strategy. Here they are:

  1. Increased sales. According to Invesp, nurtured leads bring 50% more sales than non-nurtured.
  2. Cost-efficiency. Email marketing campaigns have one of the highest ROIs in digital marketing. This channel brings up to $40 in revenue for each dollar spent.
  3. Automation options. You can set up a series of lead nurturing emails once, and every new subscriber will receive nurturing emails automatically.

Let’s check some examples of such emails sent by notable brands.

3 Lead Nurturing Email Examples

We’ve collected and described a few lead nurturing email examples for your inspiration.

Below is a nurturing email from Postable. Once a user subscribes, the brand sends an automated email to thank them for sharing their email address and offers an irresistible 20% discount for their first order. That’s a great incentive in the early stage, and it must have a high conversion rate.

Postable's lead nurturing email

Grammarly also uses a quality lead nurturing email. The company offers users to upgrade to a Premium plan by grabbing a massive 40% discount. It provides a comparison of the features available on Free and Premium plans. The brand works with YouTube and contextual advertising, so it’s hard to resist this offer.

Grammarly's lead nurturing email

Here’s a lead nurturing email from Zara. This straightforward message promotes an upcoming sale that starts in the mobile app an hour before on their online store. It is a killer incentive to download the app and do some brisk morning shopping with time-limited discounts.

The email’s design is as simple as the offer. It’s made of three fancy photos of a woman, a man, and a kid. Each photo represents clothes from the catalog and leads to the relevant product pages.

Zara's lead nurturing email

As you can see, there are different ways to nurture leads. Some prefer to use a big incentive to provoke a spontaneous decision, while others regularly remind subscribers about the value their brand provides.

Let’s check out some universal tips that fit any business’s lead nurturing program.

4 Best Practices for Creating Lead Nurturing Emails

  1. Personalize your emails
  2. Test different types of content
  3. Track email engagement
  4. Combine emails with other channels

We’ve collected some simple yet useful tips to help you make your lead nurturing emails more effective.

Tip 1. Personalize your emails

If you collect subscribers with SendPulse’s subscription forms, you can ask them to share different data. Don’t ask users for a lot of personal information but focus on one or two details in addition to an email address and name. A little detail, like location or gender, may help you create more personalized content and better nurture your leads in the future.

Here’s Brooks email with dynamic content. The message set up as one email campaign offers different content to satisfy all subscribers based on their location.

Dynamic email content from Brooks

Here’s some more about email personalization with SendPulse.

Tip 2. Test different types of content

We mentioned earlier that companies from various industries nurture leads a little differently. There’s no standard recipe to convert leads into customers, so you should find types of content that work best with your audience. To promote an electronic gadget, you can send an email with professionally-made photos, detailed descriptions of all features, feedback from customers, and, ideally, user-generated content.

Here’s a killer email from Apple that promotes a red iPhone model. It nurtures clients by inviting them to participate in anti-HIV fundraising (they just need to buy that exact model), offering a $315 credit for a purchase, and showing the smartphone’s durability features.

Apple's lead nurturing email

Tip 3. Track email engagement

It helps a lot if you always track users’ responses to your lead nurturing emails. There is no specific metric to monitor email engagement, but you can track the open rate, CTR, unsubscribe rate, etc., and make realistic estimations based on these metrics.

Here’s how the statistics page looks in SendPulse. Aside from the metrics mentioned above, you can see a click map, opens by location, and opens by device.

Statistics page in your SendPulse account

Tip 4. Combine emails with other channels

It’s best to use various types of media to communicate with your subscribers. Since some people prefer one channel over another, you need to be present where users are most likely to engage with your company. Each channel has its own benefits. For example, email is a one-way communication, while chatbots allow for two-way communication to help you build an engaging dialog with your customers.

With SendPulse’s Automation 360, you can create a flow of triggered messages and connect with your subscribers via email, SMS, and web push notifications. You can also create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger and Telegram without breaking a sweat with SendPulse.

Congratulations, you’ve learned why it is necessary to send emails to nurture leads after they subscribe to your brand.

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