A marketing channel is a tool that helps companies distribute information about products and sell them to the target audience. It enables brands to connect with customers who wish to purchase.

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In this article, we’ll uncover why marketing channels are important and review the 9 types of channels.

Why are marketing channels important?

According to The Pipeline, 52% of marketers use three to four marketing channels. They ensure that products reach their customers and deliver information. Most brands integrate several marketing channels like websites, blogs, social media networks, email marketing, content marketing, SEO to be more effective. A well-thought-out marketing strategy covers a mix of marketing channels to increase engagement and accomplish the key business goals. Various channels help communicate the relevant content, market and sell a product and provide support during the post-purchasing period.

Marketing channels allow business owners to save time and money on disseminating the necessary message to consumers and marketing it by themselves. Since many people search for information on social media, a company can become popular and attract customers without any effort. If a product is worthy, customers will become free promoters. As a result, the base of leads and clients will increase. A brand will sell more products and increase sales volume and profits. With marketing channels, everyone has their own tasks. Distributors care about distributing products while retailers provide products to the target audience.

Now that you know why marketing channels are important, let’s unveil their types.

7 Different Types of Marketing Channels

As a marketer, you can make use of various types of channels and techniques. Market products on social media platforms, promote webinars through email campaigns, and receive payments through chatbots. In this section, we’ll review the most popular and effective marketing channels that will change your business for good.

  1. Email marketing. Email marketing allows you to communicate your promotional message to the target audience effectively. With email campaigns, you’ll be able to update clients on sales and discounts, promote referral and loyalty programs, and share educational materials. SendPulse allows you to send professional email campaigns without coding skills to reach your subscribers. Make use of our ready-to-go templates to save your time on establishing connections with customers.
  2. Influencer marketing. This marketing channel enables you to partner with opinion leaders in related industries. As a marketer, you provide influencers with pieces of content they should share to promote your company’s product. After implementing influencer marketing, you’ll generate quality website traffic. Besides, opinion leaders help boost brand awareness and bring social proof to a wide audience of followers. People trust the recommendations of authoritative leaders more than marketers, so you should consider this channel.
  3. Social media. Leverage different social media channels based on your target audience and business goals. With social media, you’ll be able to support engagement, keep abreast of brand events, share behind the scenes, provide support, and show the product’s benefits. This marketing channel enables you to inform subscribers about the product and make a direct sale by sharing information, photos, videos, testimony, etc.
  4. SEO. SEO marketing refers to the position of your website in search results. To make your website and content visible to potential customers, you need to optimize the search engine results based on SEO principles. Publish relevant quality content, use links, do keyword research, optimize pages, improve site structure, etc. If you want your users to find your website fast, you need to understand their intent, the way they search, and the problems they want to solve.
  5. Websites and blogs. Having a website is essential for every business since this is a perfect place for educating your customers about your company and product. To approach visitors, you need to develop an appropriate content marketing strategy based on the preferences of your potential customers. A website introduces the product, communicates its advantages, and provides reviews and case studies. A blog will help you figure out how best to use the product to achieve the best results.
  6. Podcast marketing. According to statistics, 41% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. The demand for audio content has increased significantly, so it’s worth considering podcasts as one of your marketing channels for product promotion. In podcast marketing, marketers create audio content to market their products and companies. Conversational episodes and friendly hosts will do their job and establish brand awareness and positive relationships with your customers.
  7. Video marketing. Video is a perfect tool for educating customers and communicating the necessary message. It shows how to use the product, conveys the benefits, and provides demos. Video marketing is a perfect choice if you want to increase conversions, improve ROI, and build a good interaction with your clients. By creating videos for your social media accounts, website, and advertisements, you can establish brand awareness, and a positive first impression, and build strong relationships with your target audience.
  8. Events. It’s always a good idea to conduct online and offline events to connect with your target market. Consider hosting an event to celebrate a release of a new product or present a new product line. Besides, you can create webinars to educate people about specific topics online, share valuable content, and bring new knowledge and information to your subscribers. This way, you’ll understand their preferences, needs, and pain points.
  9. Digital ads. You can create ads of different formats for digital platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, websites, streaming services, etc. They help effectively reach target audiences and promote specific products.

Congrats, now you know the 9 types of marketing channels to leverage for your business and reach your key goals. Hope you’ll find our information useful for your company.

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