A targeted mailing list is necessary for productive and profitable email marketing. A mailing list is a list of your subscribers’ email addresses. There is a significant difference between a standard mailing list and a targeted mailing list. The quality of your mailing list determines the results of your work.

A targeted mailing list is a segmented list according to some criteria.

Segmentation Criteria

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Place of residence
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Preferences

Targeted mailing lists is to include one essential component – the recipient’s history of interaction with your business. 

Why use targeted mailing lists?

A highly-targeted mailing list will help you to:

How to Get a Targeted Mailing List

The first and the most important thing – your mailing list must be LEGAL. This means that you have to resist the temptation to buy a mailing list. A purchased mailing list won’t bring you long-term results. Recipients from such a mailing list are not interested in your work. They have never permitted you to send them emails, that’s why you have high chances to go into the spam folder.

Targeting Mechanism

  1. Analyze your current database of customers. Make sure that all the customers are active and interested in your business, as well as their personal information – it is to be actual. 
  2. Do your best to get information. The quality and quantity of information about the customers will help you to create personalized campaigns. It can be gathered from questionnaires.
  3. Offer exciting and valuable content. Your content is the first thing to make subscribers interested. While you offer useful and relevant content, your customers will be with you. They should feel the necessity of your work.
  4. Give workshops, webinars, conferences, competitions, exhibitions, etc. Make your customers feel the importance of your work.
  5. Promote your company with the help of partners. The partner’s website is a great chance to reach new customers. Search for new sources.

Make use of the information on the history of relationships with the clients, their activities on your web-site, purchases. Analyze your interactions for better results.

Make an effort while creating a targeted mailing list and enjoy the results!

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