How to Create an About Us Page: Top Tips and Examples

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How to Create an About Us Page: Top Tips and Examples

Websites are entirely different, but there is one page that you can find anywhere. Which one is it? It is an About us page.

It doesn’t matter whether it is an eCommerce business, a healthcare facility, digital media, or some kind of non-governmental or governmental organization. They all have an About us page on their websites.

What is an About us page about? Does it really matter? How to write an About us page? We have found answers to these questions and collected some prime About us page examples to get inspired.

What is an About us page?

The name speaks for itself. An About us page is where you tell things about your company; it is somewhat similar to self-biography. This page usually includes the following information:

  • what you do;
  • the history of your business or organization;
  • your values, beliefs, principles, and mission;
  • what is important for your business and why;
  • achievements, press mentions, awards, etc.

Some companies also use this page to show off their teams, display customer testimonials, and provide contact information.

Why does an About us page matter?

Many companies treat About us pages as something unimportant, as an annoying thing that they have to tick off their checklist. However, such thinking is misleading. If you think no one cares about this page, note that 52% of users visit the About us page first thing when they land on the website.

A well-designed page could be used to your advantage, especially when it comes to the About us examples for a small business. Let’s take a look.

It is about the additional value

Let’s face it: there aren’t many unique products or services left. So what can differentiate you from others and attract more customers? You can use lower prices or different designs. However, you can also create a unique brand, and an About us page is the place where it shines.

You can make a difference by adopting certain values and using them in your work processes or making it all about people or the story of your growth. And you can tell all about it on your About us page. If you use it in a smart way, it creates an added value for any products or services you use. For instance, 64% of consumers are ready to buy from a business solely because of their values or stance on political issues.

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It helps you build trust

The more information a customer has about a business and the more faces a company shows, the more trust they will have. When it comes to businesses online, it is really easy to get scammed, so customers will check your About us page, social media, and reviews online.

This is extremely important for businesses that aren’t popular or have launched recently. If this is your case, tell more about your story, place contact information, add the FAQ section, tell about your team members and display their photos.

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It helps you make sales

If you have created a well-structured and effective About us page, it can help you make sales. Tell about your additional value, why someone should buy from you specifically, and what it is that you do differently. It can either become a lust push to make a buying decision or at least an encouragement to explore your products further.

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Tips on designing and writing your About us page

If you want your About us page to bring you all the benefits we have mentioned, you need to design and write a good one. Here are some tips on how to create an About us page to achieve better results.

Tell why the brand was launched

It isn’t really about what you do, it is about why you do it. For example, if you sell clothes and you offer plus-size clothes, it is your value and unique selling proposition. You have two options: to say that you sell clothes or explain why you’ve decided to work in this niche. The second one can have an interesting story behind it and add authenticity to your values.

About us page example
An About us page example telling why the brand was created

Tell how the brand was launched

You may say that you support one cause or another, but what do you actually do to support it? If you support the environment, let customers know about your manufacturing and packaging. If you promote wellbeing, tell how you apply it in your team or what organizations you support. Is your brand all about gender equality? Show customers your female leaders within the team or advocacy work.

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Let customers see the people behind your brand

What is the difference between a seller and a brand? The brand has more than products: it has a story, people, and values behind it. Make sure to show off your team, and tell small bits of their stories or motivation to create the product. It gives your brand a human face, a more pleasant soul to buy from.

About us page example
An About us page example showcasing the brand’s founders

Add visuals

It isn’t only the team that gets the visuals. You are welcome to add images or videos of your manufacturing process, your team enjoying free time together, and other behind-the-scenes shots. The purpose here is to show your brand’s vibe and tone and make customers comfortable. You want them to feel close and familiar with your brand.

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Make sure to match your tone of voice

Will it feel heartfelt if you are overly serious on your home page and then you suddenly use TikTok slang on the About us page? Probably not. Make sure to make this page more personal and empathetic but never go too far away from your typical tone of voice.

About us page example
An About us page example with a consistent tone of voice

Avoid selling

Your About us page can help you make a sale, but it isn’t the page to fiercely promote your products and use hype language. It is better to avoid superlatives when talking about the benefits of your company or mentioning your competitors.

The best About us page doesn’t sell; it feels like you were talking to a friend rather than a customer.

Include a CTA at the end

If you did everything well, customers will be extremely engaged and motivated after reading your About us page. So make sure you let them know what to do next: contact you, subscribe to a newsletter, or review your products.

About us page example
An About us page example with a prominent CTA at the end

How to create an About us page with SendPulse

There’s a variety of tools on the market that allow you to build a well-structured About us page without possessing lots of technical knowledge. One of the top-notch modern tools is the SendPulse page builder.

After you create an account on the platform, which is a fast and free process, you need to follow these steps to create an effective About us page.

Chose among the available design templates or create your website from scratch

SendPulse offers various pre-made customizable designs for websites in different niches. If you can’t find a template that perfectly fits your needs, just click “New site,” and you’ll be redirected to the drag and drop editor, where you can choose all the page elements yourself.

Creating an About us page
Creating an About us page with SendPulse

Select the elements for your About us page

There are many blocks you can choose from to structure all the information on your About us page. The builder includes text blocks, covers, galleries, buttons, social link sharing options, spacers, dividers, forms, and FAQ blocks. Just select the required elements and drop them in your working area.

elements for the About us page
Selecting elements for the About us page

Adjust the styling of your About us page

You can use different settings to adjust the look and feel of your page: background color, background image, paddings, and shadows. Here you can also select the needed fonts and change the buttons’ design.

Make sure that your About us page’s color scheme aligns with the entire website’s design.

About us page
Adjusting the style of the About us page

Explore the capabilities of the content editor

A good structure of your content part is especially important for About us pages; thus, make sure to leverage all the capabilities of the content editor. You can adjust the heading styles, change font sizes, format your copies, add lists, and more.

text for the About us page
Formatting the text for the About us page

Publish your About us page

Once you’re done with the structure and design of your About page, click “Preview” in the upper right corner to see what the page would look like. If you’re satisfied with the result, click “Publish,” and your About us page will go live.

About us page
Publishing the About us page

Top examples of an About us page

As they say, it is better to show rather than tell. Let’s take a look at the About us page examples and analyze why they work and what could have been done better.


Birchbox is a makeup and skincare business. Their About us page is a perfect balance between telling about their brand, team, and product.

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You learn about the values of the people who created the brand and their outlook on beauty. If you identify with it, you will definitely be excited to see their products and try a more laid-back attitude to self-care. They also tell about their core values and prove how they bring them into life within their brand.

About us page design
The Birchbox About us page design


GeekBudget is an app that simplifies the process of tracking and managing personal finances. They adopted an easy solution and presented it with a laid-back tone of voice which followed into their About us page.

The page starts with the introduction of the team, which forges the creation of a more personal connection between the brand and its audiences. They also include a heartfelt message about their appreciation for their users and how it keeps them going. We get to really meet the business and personal sides of the brand and get attached to them.

About us page design
The GeekBudget About us page design

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories offers recipes, blog posts with tips, and stories of people who cook often or are just discovering the process. Their About us page perfectly reflects the values of the brand. It states their mission, belief, and promise. We love the idea of this About us page design: cute drawing, bright yellow color, and milestones with photos as well.

About us page design
The Kitchen Stories About us page design

However, it tells more about their website and apps than their brand. There isn’t a story behind it, and you can find pictures of people only if you scroll way down.

It would have been better if it was paired with the Our team page. This one tells us much more about the brand and its soul. It feels very domestic, just like you want your cooking to feel. We also love the idea of showing the team alongside their favorite recipes and childhood food memories.

Our team page design
The Kitchen Stories Our team page design elaborating on the brand’s values


CorePower offers yoga classes. Their About us page shares their mission, big milestones, and values. We get to learn the brand’s story through the milestones and discover the reasoning behind brand creation in the story of its CEO.

Here we see a person who had their challenges and found a solution that people can relate to. It is obvious that he chose yoga because it is important to him, not just because it is an interesting business niche. This story is important for such a practice.

We would love to see more about the team, but it is otherwise a great About us page.

About us page design
The CorePower About us page design

Eight Hour Day

Eight Hour Day is a design and illustration studio. This is a prime example where visuals can say more than the pages of text. We see two creative people and the works that talk for them and make them happy. It is obviously not for every type of business out there, but it may encourage you to think about adding visuals and making them tell the story.

About us page design
The Eight Hour Day About us page design


An About us page is an essential part of your website. Well, if you manage to make it as such.

You can either write a paragraph about your product and values and tick it off the checklist to take care of other pages. Or you can create a beautiful story that will make people love not only your product but also your brand, build trust, and make customers come back for more. The choice is yours!

If you are looking for a modern and easy-to-use solution to create a high-converting About us page, consider using the SendPulse site builder. The tool has various customizable page templates and a simple drag and drop builder in case you want to create the entire page from scratch. Thus, building an About page has never been easier than it is with SendPulse.

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