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Standout Customer Testimonial Email Examples and Subject Lines

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Standout Customer Testimonial Email Examples and Subject Lines

According to statistics, 84% of clients trust online reviews and testimonials as much as they would trust personal recommendations of people they know. This is why companies use testimonials to increase their sales and establish a strong online presence.

Testimonial emails contain CTA buttons and information about lucrative deals and generous offers, which makes them so engaging. Read on to find out how to create an effective testimonial email to prompt your potential clients to purchase.

What are testimonial emails?

A testimonial email is a message sent to a long-term client or potential buyer containing testimonials or reviews left by other customers after purchasing products or ordering services. Such short reviews typically contain information about the main advantages of a product and positive impressions about a company.

testimonials in emails
Add testimonials to your emails to remind people of how great your products are

Testimonials are used when a company needs to:

  • promote new products and services;
  • tell about new offers and deals;
  • drive clients to explore a website and place an order.

Companies use testimonial emails when they want to improve their online presence, build their reputation, and engage potential buyers. By using customer testimonials, a company can demonstrate that it sells high-quality products.

Key advantages of testimonial emails for businesses

If you want to make your marketing efforts more effective, you can’t do without using customer testimonials. They are a must for every professional who wants to set up a successful newsletter.

Customer trust

To establish close relationships with your clients, you need to demonstrate that they can trust your company. Using testimonials left by happy clients, you can show that your products and services help people solve specific problems and have great value for the money.

Tailored messages

Adding testimonials to your emails will make them sound warmer and more welcoming. Moreover, a customer testimonial email containing the reviewer’s personal data and the product your email recipient has recently been browsing on your site will make your message more personalized and relevant to the recipient. It can also help you create a sense of social proof.

High conversions

Make sure to use testimonial emails if you want to increase your conversions. They will provide your customers with relevant information that will drive them to purchase. When writing reviews, customers often mention the key selling points of your products.

How to ask for a testimonial via email

When requesting a testimonial via email, it’s essential to be polite and clear in your communication and provide context for your request. Here are some useful tips to help you write an effective testimonial request email.

  • Personalize your email. Begin your email by addressing recipients by name and using a friendly tone to establish a connection and show that you value their input. This will make them more likely to respond positively to your request.
  • Express appreciation. Show gratitude for the recipient’s past interactions with your product or service. Let them know that you’re thankful for their feedback and that it’s valuable to you.
  • Provide information. Explain more about your testimonial request by elaborating on why you’re asking for feedback and how you will use it. For instance, you can mention that you’re collecting testimonials to feature on your website, social media, or marketing materials. If you already have testimonials online, you can also provide some examples.
  • Follow up. Don’t hesitate to follow up politely if you don’t receive a response after sending your initial request. Sometimes, a gentle reminder can be helpful. However, if a person doesn’t respond to your testimonial request, respect their decision and don’t press further.
  • Send a thank-you message. Once you receive a testimonial, make sure to thank recipients again for their time and effort. Let them know that you appreciate their contribution. You can also reach out further when their testimonial is online.

Finally, writing an effective testimonial request email subject line is crucial to encourage recipients to open your email. Make it clear that you’re asking for a testimonial, and at the same time, keep it short. Here are a few examples of testimonial request email subject lines for your inspiration:

  • Sarah, Share Your Experience with Us!
  • Can We Feature Your Feedback, John?
  • Your Feedback Needed: Help Us Improve!
  • We’d Love to Know More About Your Experience!
  • A Favor to Ask: Can We Spotlight Your Experience?
  • Anna, Can We Share Your Story?
  • Help Us Inspire Others: Share Your Testimonial!
  • Share Your Thoughts & Make an Impact!
  • Your Opinion Matters: Can We Feature Your Testimonial?

Testimonial email design and copywriting tips

Using testimonials left by your clients can make your message more credible and trustworthy. Leverage the tips below to craft a powerful testimonial email:

  1. Select an eye-catching headline. Your main message should instantly grab the attention of your recipient.
  2. Add unique design elements and high-quality photos. Your testimonial email should be visually pleasing to drive people to click on it.
  3. Mention the key benefits of your product. Show what makes your product different from other offers on the market.
  4. Customize templates. Bring your point across by making your message more tailored to the needs of your audience.
  5. Use quotes, numbers, and emoji. These elements will help you sound friendly, trustworthy, and informative.
  6. Add one or several call to action buttons. CTA buttons are perfect for upselling products and driving customers to purchase.

Following these tips can help you write testimonial emails that compel your clients to place an order, read other reviews, and take advantage of your best deals.

Tips for writing testimonial email subject lines

Testimonial email subject lines serve the main purpose of catching the recipient’s attention, compelling them to open the email and consider your offer. You can focus on the specific experiences of your clients while adding testimonials that lend credibility to your claims.

It is crucial to choose an attention-grabbing subject line that instantly engages your customers and encourages them to take action, whether it’s promoting new releases, increasing sales, or improving your online presence. Instead of using generic phrases like “Find feedback from our clients,” use language that calls people to action.

Here are some examples of inspiring testimonial email subject lines:

  • See why our clients have chosen us and never looked back 💥
  • Don’t just take our word for it…
  • Makeup artist approved!
  • Why pet owners can’t stop raving about our products 🐶
  • See how our product helps people solve real-life problems
  • We can’t stop smiling 🙌
  • Trusted by the world’s best
  • Discover how our product allows people to save money 💸
  • It’s crazy how much love we’ve gotten!
  • Get inspired by the testimonials written by top athletes!
  • The reviews are in…
  • Find out why our clients stay with us for years!
  • Learn about the top reasons to buy our product now ⏰
  • Read about the first-hand experience of using our products!
  • The reaction to our new product has been…

Some testimonials are accompanied by hashtags that allow people to find more product reviews on social media. Alternatively, you can write a subject line as a question to prompt immediate action. Here are a few examples:

  • Do you want to learn how to use our product to scale up your business?
  • Are you wondering how to make the most out of our product?
  • Do you want to discover how to make your dog happy?

You can experiment with different messages to see which appeal to your target audience. It will help you learn more about their preferences and choose the most suitable subject line for your testimonial email.

Effective testimonial email examples

Now you know how to ask for testimonials via email and design attention-grabbing testimonial campaigns to demonstrate that you cater to the needs of your target audience. Make sure to emphasize that your customers are delighted with your services and can’t wait to share their experiences. Adding CTA buttons and offering discounts to your clients can generate extra interest and ensure that your testimonial email is well-received.

Read on if you’re looking for inspiration — we’ve compiled a list of some of the best testimonial email examples that can guide you in crafting an effective campaign.


If you want to sound friendly and approachable, keep your testimonial email short and send a friendly reminder saying that your potential clients may want to take a look at the reviews taken by your loyal customers.

Make sure not to overdo it when adding positive reviews, as nobody is interested in false praise. Instead, use reviews from real people who love your products and services.

testimonial email example
A testimonial email example from Pulp&Press; source: Really Good Emails


This testimonial email is so effective because it makes a “No Bullshit” promise right from the start, as if promising that it will provide only relevant information and reviews from trusted sources. The main message is expressed via graphic design elements, with testimonials adding extra value to the claim that the company’s products are worth every penny.

testimonial email example
Excerpt of a testimonial email example from Ritual; source: Really Good Emails

Another advantage of this customer testimonial email is that it includes links to reviews, product listings, the FAQ section, a page containing information about ingredients, and a section with further reading tips. The disclaimer at the end demonstrates that the company is fully open with its clients and doesn’t sell products under false claims.

testimonial email example
Excerpt of a testimonial email example from Ritual


This testimonial email contains a targeted message that will appeal to fans of a sustainable way of life looking for waste-free products. Besides traditional customer reviews, it includes excerpts from popular publishers like Cosmopolitan, PureWow, and HealthLine, adding extra weight to the claim that these toothpaste tablets are indeed innovative.

testimonial email example
Excerpt of a testimonial email example from Bite; source: Really Good Emails

Besides the CTA button and a generous 5% discount offer at the end, you can see a link to the company’s Instagram account and a ready-made hashtag for finding other testimonials.

testimonial email
Excerpt of a testimonial email example from Bite

Fetching Fields

This is another easy-to-implement testimonial email example for small businesses. It has been designed by Fetching Fields, which specializes in canine wellness treats. Unlike other examples, it shares the story of one customer and her pet, encouraging other clients to share their experiences using a suggested hashtag. By adding a testimonial written by an owner of a creative agency, the company added a personalized touch to this email, thus making it more convincing.

testimonial email example
A testimonial email example from Fetching Fields; source: Really Good Emails

By adding pictures of a dog with its owner, the company has managed to emotionally appeal to its target audience.

Eight Sleep

This customer testimonial email example stands out from the rest because it uses reviews written by athletes and fitness professionals. It allows the company to send a targeted message. In addition, this email lists some free perks a client will receive after placing an order.

testimonial email example
A testimonial email example from Eight Sleep; source: Really Good Emails

Besides links to social media pages, this email also contains information for clients to learn more about pricing details. While the “Start Your Journey” CTA button may seem too generic, it still does its job.


The testimonial email sent by Bose contains plenty of information about products sold with generous discounts. It lists the best offers accompanied by customer reviews.

testimonial email example
Excerpt of a testimonial email example from Bose; source: Really Good Emails

The email stands out for its well-thought-out design with high-quality product photos and ends with a CTA button offering to browse other deals. As it was sent before Black Friday, it promised 50% discounts.

testimonial email example
Excerpt of a testimonial email example from Bose


We love this testimonial email as it is written in a funny and charming way. Instead of using boring phrases to remind a customer about an abandoned cart, the marketing professionals working for Casper added the “Come back to bed” phrase that can be used for various products aimed at improving sleep quality.

testimonial email
A testimonial email example from Casper; source: Really Good Emails

What strikes us as curious here is that the marketing team used only one review to keep the email short. However, they added a button encouraging potential buyers to read other reviews.

Revolution Tea

At the first glance, it’s quite a typical testimonial email sent by a small company. However, it promises to provide information about the results of the survey sent to other clients and offers a 10% discount.

testimonial email example
A testimonial email example from Revolution Tea; source: Really Good Emails

While most reviews in this email are rather standard, a 10% coupon might prove to be a great incentive for converting your leads to sales.


Here is another customer testimonial email example from Sundays. The company uses a pun to kindly ask for a review and, at the same time, explains why it is crucial for them. This approach adds a personal touch to their request, as it helps the recipients understand the reason behind the request.

testimonial request email
Excerpt of a testimonial request email from Sundays; source: Really Good Emails

In addition to requesting reviews, Sundays also stresses the importance of referrals. By encouraging customers to share their experiences with their loved ones, Sundays aim to leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing, as satisfied customers are the best advocates. As an additional incentive, the company offers discounts for everyone involved.

testimonial request email
Excerpt of a testimonial request email from Sundays

Athletic Brewing

Athletic Brewing sends testimonial emails to share their customers’ stories in the first place. The company’s testimonial email design incorporates a sophisticated, engaging visual aesthetic, featuring eye-catching envelope illustrations against a predominantly dark blue backdrop. The customer stories are seamlessly integrated into the email’s design, with a typewriter font that gives the impression that these are authentic letters from satisfied customers. Moreover, at the end of the email, customers are given the option to leave their own reviews.

customer testimonial email example
A customer testimonial email example from Athletic Brewing; source: Really Good Emails

Bored Cow

Check out this example of a great testimonial email design. Bored Cow incorporates clever wordplay and a vibrant visual style to engage recipients. The opening line, “the reviews are pouring in,” ties into the company’s goal of selling milk. The overall style of the email is bright and somewhat similar to comic books, reinforcing the brand identity.

testimonial email example
A testimonial email example; source: Really Good Emails

Instead of just focusing on reviews, the testimonials in this email serve two purposes: not only do they showcase positive feedback from other customers, but they also encourage recipients to make a purchase. Furthermore, a coupon adds an extra incentive for recipients to take action.

How to create a customer testimonial email in SendPulse

Creating a customer testimonial email has become essential to any business’s marketing strategy. If you are planning to send one, you’ll need a reliable software solution to begin with.

SendPulse is a popular email marketing tool that offers the flexibility to customize any email template in a few clicks. In this section, we will take you through creating a professional-looking testimonial email template with SendPulse.

For detailed email service tutorials and guides, explore our help center.

Add an email template

The first step is to navigate to the “Email Templates” tab in SendPulse and add a template. Then, depending on the content of your customer testimonial email, you can select one of the types of templates, such as basic, commerce, news, text, etc. Once you have chosen a template, you can edit its content.

build a testimonial email template
Starting to build a testimonial email template with SendPulse

Edit the email content

SendPulse’s drag-and-drop builder features a panel on the left side that allows you to add elements to your template. On the right side, you can modify the design settings, such as the background, width, text color, and more. You can also adjust various text attributes, including color, font, line height, and outline. The editor lets you see real-time changes in your testimonial email template, making it easier to customize it.

customize your testimonial email template
Using the drag-and-drop builder, you can customize your testimonial email template

Besides, you can add other elements to your template, such as images, videos, links to your social media, etc. If you believe your testimonial email template might appear a bit bulky on mobile devices, you can hide some elements for mobile users.

testimonial email template
You can include additional elements to your testimonial email template

Preview and test your email

When you’ve prepared your testimonial email, you can preview it right in the editor and send it as a test. SendPulse also allows you to save the email as a template if you’d like to reuse it or customize it further.

Preview your template
Preview your template to ensure that it looks good across different devices and email clients

Once you’re satisfied with your testimonial email template, save your changes and proceed to send it out to your mailing list.

Final thoughts

Drawing inspiration from customer testimonial email examples shared above, you can craft unique messages that will drive your potential customers to purchase. The key is to combine detailed customer reviews with compelling offers and include CTA buttons with impactful messages that encourage more leads to convert.

Optimizing your email marketing campaigns and automating the process can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your promotional efforts. Therefore, give the SendPulse email service a try to streamline all of your email routines and more.

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