AI marketing is a type of marketing that applies artificial intelligence to collect, analyze and obtain customer insights for further marketing efforts. Marketers manage to improve their content, personalize buyer journeys, learn customer behavior, and provide excellent service. Examples of AI marketing include chatbots, targeted advertising, automated email campaigns, content generation, content personalization, etc. Consider using SendPulse to create chatbots and send automated email campaigns with Automation 360.

In this video, Anya explores the latest advancements in AI marketing, shedding light on 4 key trends and technologies shaping the industry.

In this article, we’ll unveil the benefits and examples of AI in marketing. We’ll also uncover how companies use it and how to do it in SendPulse.

Benefits of Using AI in Marketing

AI in marketing, such as chatbots, automated email campaigns, and targeted advertising, helps improve your company’s ROI. Campaigns created with AI are more effective and easier to monitor. Tracking campaigns enables you to identify issues and eliminate them instantly. Campaigns are personalized and crafted based on customers’ preferences, needs, and problems. Data analytics allows you to produce better content and improve it in seconds. This way, you can avoid additional expenses on hiring specialists and reduce the workload on your team members. They can work on more urgent tasks and improve productivity.

With AI, brands can provide personalized experiences to their customers. Email campaigns and highly targeted ads allow companies to send offers based on clients’ preferences, needs, and shopping history. Customer behavior, search history, and shopping lists empower you to send personalized recommendations with products buyers are interested in. Automated email campaigns help you establish trusting relationships with audiences and encourage them to purchase. Moreover, you can prevent customers from churning out. With AI marketing, you can identify such clients and engage with them by using email campaigns.

AI tools enable you to grow your business faster by making well-thought-out decisions. You can do it by receiving and analyzing essential marketing data. Automation empowers you to engage with clients at every stage of their customer journeys.

Now that you know the pros of using AI in marketing, it’s time to find out how brands use it to their advantage.

How do companies use AI in marketing?

Lately, AI is one of the topics actively discussed in marketing. More and more brands implement artificial intelligence for better team productivity and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Let’s discover in what areas you can apply this technique and achieve your main business targets.

  • Content personalization. With personalization, the effectiveness of your marketing increases. You can do it automatically with special AI services. It enables you to send content to customers based on their behavior, shopping history, wishlist, and browsing history. This way, you’ll be able to reach prospects and existing clients with a highly targeted offer. It makes it harder to resist a purchase. You can also send messages using your customer’s data, making the conversation more personal. When you figure out what customers are looking for, you can provide highly targeted offers and help them solve their problems faster.
  • Content generation. Content generation isn’t a problem at all with AI. With its help, brands add social media posts, identify the right keywords and captions, and write email subject lines. Moreover, ChatGPT allows you to create quality blog copies without your team's involvement. Provide the subject line, and AI will create an article for you. However, you still need to double-check the article's content before publishing it. Ensuring that the post complies with your requirements and contains the right information is necessary.
  • Automated email campaigns. Automated email campaigns help your team avoid spending time researching your target audience and deciding what to write in email campaigns. You can create engaging email campaigns and send them to customers based on their preferences, wishes, and needs. As a result, customers are happy with your offers, and your company gains more sales.
  • Data analytics. With AI, you can analyze and use large amounts of data. It helps collect data from multiple campaigns and analyze them. Doing so lets you find out what works and doesn’t with your customers. As a result, you can create effective marketing campaigns that bring you closer to achieving your key goals. You can also predict the outcomes of future campaigns by analyzing customer engagement, email open rates, and time spent on specific web pages.
  • Media buying. If you want to effectively place your ads and promote products, consider using AI. It helps predict the best places to put ads. This way, you’ll be able to reach your potential clients and improve ROI. By using a special tool, you can receive recommendations regarding your ad spend.
  • 24/7 customer support. With AI chatbots, your company will be able to assist 24/7. Potential customers will receive instant answers to their questions. Customer satisfaction with your brand will increase. Besides, chatbots help reduce the workload on your team and ensure instant responses. This way, you make sure your prospects get an answer quickly.
  • Customer experience. Personalized content and instant support improve customer experience. Excellent customer experience is vital when we talk about marketing. It influences consumer decisions. If leads are satisfied with your support, content, and overall experience, they are more likely to purchase. When they buy, they increase the profitability of your business. Creating customer experience positively affects customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Customers who are happy with your brand are satisfied with your product.
  • Sales forecasting. AI technology enables you to calculate the approximate income after implementing specific campaigns. This way, your company can determine whether running this or that marketing campaign is profitable. It will help you figure out whether the sales will cover the costs for the campaign and bring pure revenue.
  • SEO. AI technology is perfect for search engine optimization. Special tools empower you to optimize content to comply with search engine algorithms and search for appropriate keywords. This, in turn, helps improve ranking and understand competitors’ situations. Moreover, AI allows you to identify customers’ interests and create content to match their requirements.

Now that you know how to use AI technology to your advantage, it’s time to find out how to use AI in SendPulse.

How to use AI in SendPulse?

In this section, we’ll unveil how you can use AI in SendPulse, a multichannel marketing platform. Let’s find out the benefits of using the service for your company.

SendPulse empowers you to create chatbots for various channels such as Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. After creating the bot, you can easily connect the GPT model from OpenAI. The integration is available within the service. ChatGPT allows you to provide your users with even more proficient automated replies and help them solve additional tasks.

In SendPulse, you can integrate one of the available models: Curie, Davinci, Ada, ChatGPT, ChatGPT (gpt-3.5-turbo-16k), GPT-4, and Custom Fine-tuned model. Davinci is perfect for analyzing complex intent and cause-and-effect problems, summarization, and explaining and generating code, while Curie will suit those who deal with translation, complex classification, text sentiment analysis, and summarization. Incorporate the ChatGPT model if you want to generate replies for messaging apps and virtual assistants and implement QA systems. The language of the bot will be natural and human-like.

Now that you know how to use SendPulse for AI, it’s time to jump into some examples. The following section will help you figure out how the technology works in practice.

Examples of AI Marketing

To unveil how AI technology works in real life, let’s review some famous brands and the way they incorporate this approach. After this section, you’ll be inspired to apply AI in your business.


The famous digital music service uses AI to understand the preferences of its listeners and provide personalized experiences. The technology helps Spotify identify the music preferences of their users and provide recommendations based on their most listened songs, podcasts watched, purchase history, location, and other criteria. As a result, the user gets a customized playlist that covers all the songs he is interested in.

Although personalization helps this streaming service by providing the best experience to listeners, their marketing efforts don’t end there. The company uses automated email campaigns to deliver personalized recommendations. This way, Spotify makes sure that the client will notice their efforts. By sending specific messages, the platform increases the likeliness of conversions.


The well-known media streaming platform does everything possible to provide customers a seamless experience. Netflix uses a similar approach to Spotify and recommends movies based on clients’ preferences, movies watched, and interests. This works perfectly for those who want to watch a new movie but have no idea what to choose. The service will do all the work by analyzing preferences and providing films based on various criteria. For instance, people who prefer drama will receive a list of the latest Netflix drama releases.

Below you can see what it looks like.


The place for millions of products, Amazon is a company that uses AI for analyzing available information and predicting future sales. Once a user visits Amazon, he will see recommended products. These items are selected based on predictive analytics, which helps figure out how likely specific customers are to purchase this or that specific item. This way, Amazon’s team knows which products should be in the recommendations field.

Below you can see an example of a recommendation based on browsing history.

Congrats, now you know what AI marketing is and why it’s essential. Look through the examples above to get inspired and implement the technique into your business strategy.


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