API is used to integrate SendPulse’s distribution service capabilities with clients’ personal projects. It simplifies things for developers.

All popular email services have a refined API, that allows you to automate practically every stage of sending out your mailings and receiving reports.

The Purpose of an API

API typically is used to integrate one system with another to synchronize them and exchange data. For example, if a user registers on your site and you want to implement email subscription with new registrations, the SendPulse API helps you easily accomplish this task. Our API is also used to develop third-party applications. Thereby you can develop your own application for SendPulse and manage mailing lists without visiting our site. SendPulse's API interface has a range of opportunities that you can implement in your business projects. 

For the authorization process you must obtain a key that can be found in the API tab in the private account settings page.

Activate REST API

You can read more about SendPulse API here

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