A brand tagline is a memorable, unique, and catchy phrase that highlights a specific aspect of your company and instantly evokes the image of your brand in the minds of consumers. It helps you remain top of mind among your existing customers, draw the attention of potential clients, and increase brand awareness.

In this article, we’ll unveil the importance and examples of a brand tagline. We’ll also uncover the difference between a tagline and a slogan and the steps to create a powerful tagline.

Why is a brand tagline important for a company?

A catchy brand tagline enables you to drive the attention of prospects and communicate your product’s benefits. It helps your company stand out among dozens of competitors. A well-crafted tagline allows you to give your target audience a clear understanding of your brand and offer. It provides your business with an identity and values you will carry during your company’s existence.

Taglines help build associations with your business and evoke the image of your company in the mind of consumers. Since taglines are public relations focused, they enable you to establish brand awareness without the intention to promote your product. With a brand tagline, you can choose a specific aspect of your business that you want to share with your audience and convey it to your customers. As a result, you get increased awareness, recognition, and reach.

Now that you know why a brand tagline is essential for a business, it’s time to explore the difference between a tagline and a slogan. Since there’s often a misinterpretation of these two terms, we need to unveil their peculiarities in detail.

Brand Tagline vs Slogan

In this section, we’ll review the main differences between the two marketing concepts in terms of purpose, word count, development, and duration. Let’s jump into the features of a tagline and a slogan.

A brand tagline is a memorable and catchy short phrase that describes a specific aspect of your company and drives brand awareness. It allows your brand to stay on top of consumers’ minds and catch the attention of prospects. Brand taglines are timeless since they describe the aspects of a business rather than focus on a specific product or campaign. Marketers develop taglines in the early stages of business development and during rebranding. So, they stay constant during different customer journeys. Let’s take Nike as an example. Its viral ‘Just Do It’ short motto refers to every product and event Nike develops.

A slogan is a statement or phrase that catches people’s attention and promotes a brand’s product. This statement usually covers the mission and reasons to exist. Slogan helps your business stick in consumers' memories. With slogans, business owners try to appeal to the target audience and persuade potential clients to purchase. These phrases and statements are focused on making a sale. Usually longer than taglines, slogans are used for one product or marketing campaign. Let’s take M&M and its slogan as an example. ‘Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands’ phrase is quite long and product-focused. It conveys the benefits of a product and encourages purchase.

Now let’s proceed to the next section to find out how to create a powerful tagline. Once you decide to do it for your business, consider using this short step-by-step guide.

How to write a powerful brand tagline?

Although a brand tagline usually consists of several words, you still need time to make it unique, catchy, and meaningful. In this guide, we’ll show you how to write the right motto for your brand.

  1. Determine your brand identity. Brand identity is one of the vital aspects of your brand. If you haven’t developed your identity, you should start with it first. If you have it already, communicate the peculiarities of your company in your brand tagline. Make sure to create a statement that summarizes your offering and all the elements that shape the image of your business in consumers’ minds. You should have the following statements: value proposition, business philosophy, the key attributes of your offering, and your brand persona to develop a powerful brand tagline.
  2. State the value your business ensures. Outline your product and the value it brings to customers. You need to deliver something useful, unique, and beneficial. Make sure that your product stands out from the competition. Outline several points to determine the right value proposition: the product you offer, your target audience, and the benefits consumers obtain after using your product. Be brief when identifying these aspects.
  3. Define the things that make you unique. The next step involves determining your differentiator, which makes you different from other businesses. Be specific in the benefits you provide. Some companies position themselves as low-priced stores with high quality, others as luxury brands that provide products others don’t have. Find your niche and define your special characteristics. Outline the reasons why customers should choose you over other businesses.
  4. Make a brief statement of the previous facts. Now you need to make one statement from all the information you’ve written down before. Your main task is to make it as short and clear as possible. You need to include the most specific words that perfectly describe your brand and product. Make sure that people associate them with your company when they hear the statement.
  5. Use your team’s creativity. Your marketing team will always come to the rescue when you need it. Try brainstorming to write down the best ideas for your future tagline. You should create something unique, memorable, catchy, and benefit-driven. Pay attention to all statements and put them on the list, then choose the perfect one for your business.

Now that you know how to create a memorable tagline, it’s time to review the examples. In the next section, you’ll be able to grab some inspiration.

Examples of Brands with Catchy Taglines

Once you are ready to write your tagline, you need to ensure that it unveils the value of your brand with seven words. We’ll uncover several catchy brand taglines you can recognize without seeing the brand name. Let’s explore them to have you inspired.

Expect More. Pay Less

Target provides everything from groceries and essentials to clothing and electronics. The tagline uncovers the shopping experience with its stores and assures that its customers pay less for good quality. So, people don’t need to search for stores with lower prices.

Brand tagline

Congrats, now you know what a brand tagline is and why it’s essential. Hope that our guide and examples will inspire you to write a powerful and catchy tagline for your business.


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