Direct email marketing is a method of email marketing where email campaigns are sent directly to prospects. This marketing approach is aimed not only on selling goods and services but also on improving relationships with your customers.

Goals of Direct Email Marketing

  1. Establishing relationships with your prospects;
  2. Drawing the attention of consumers;
  3. Monitoring the success of products with clients;
  4. Tracking feedback from customers;
  5. Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty;
  6. Optimization of current email marketing strategies.

Stages of Direct Email Marketing

  1. Creating mailing lists.
  2. Developing an email marketing strategy.
  3. Creating a special offer.
  4. Selling products/services.

What is essential in direct email marketing?

The success of sales depends on your mailing lists. A product of high quality, an appealing offer, and a well-written advertisement is useless if sent to the wrong people.

Segment the audience!

It is essential to segment your mailing lists properly.

The mailing list is irrelevant if:

  • There are no appropriate people. Never buy mailing lists, since people on the list will not be interested in your products. Only a few of them are likely to buy something; in this case, your money was spent in vain. Do your best to create a segmented mailing list, understand your clients.
  • You don’t have a clear idea about people on your mailing list. The more you know about your prospects, the more chances you have to succeed.
  • You don’t pay attention to details. For example, if you try to sell fur coats to vegetarians. Is it relevant?

Pros of Direct Email Marketing

  • You can establish relationships with your prospects. If your segmentation is relevant, people will need your products and services.
  • You can personalize emails, emails tailored to each recipient will increase email open rates.
  • You can estimate the results by checking your email open rates, click-throughs, and conversions. These metrics allow you to optimize your work and make it better.

Cons of Direct Email Marketing

  • If your mailing list isn’t correctly segmented, it won’t bring in any results, and you will have spent your money in vain.
  • People who are not interested in your products may not only ignore your email but even send it to their spam folder. 

Thus, make sure your emails don’t look like spam, don't use: spam-like words, overly attractive offers, CAPS LOCK, exclamation points, or colored fonts. 

Be creative while working on your subject line!


As a multichannel marketing platform, SendPulse helps you send all sorts of marketing emails, generate leads with free subscription forms, enrich the customer experience with SMS, automate your customer support’s work with chatbots, drive users back to your site with web push notifications, and much more. There’s a lot you can do with SendPulse to make your business prosper, and our team is always here to help you.

Direct marketing by email is more cost-effective because it requires no printing, transporting, or carrying. Besides, bulk email services, like SendPulse, provide all the necessary tools for creating and sending emails, managing email lists, and automating your direct email marketing — in one place. Register with SendPulse, and send up to 15,000 emails to up to 500 subscribers per month free, which is impossible with offline mailing.

Because email marketing has a significant ROI. On every dollar invested, the return can be up to $40! To achieve similar results, communicate with your audience in their language, nurture them, and promote your products with brevity. Feel free to check some actionable tips we’ve collected on how to perform effective email marketing.

Email marketing is a channel for building long-lasting relationships with your audience. Focus on your customers’ needs, try to create a magnificent buyer’s journey, and help them solve their problems. Combine entertaining and educative newsletters with promotional emails; analyze your performance, grow your mailing list, and automate your direct email marketing with SendPulse.

Try to educate and entertain, and add that smooth and relevant promotional element in your newsletters. If you intend to send promotional emails, highlight all the tech specs and details that describe your product or service most attractively. Don’t be pushy, though, trying to “close” as many sales as possible. What you really need is to convince subscribers that staying in contact with your brand and buying your products is worth their while.

It’s a pre-designed email structure that you should fill with content, depending on your campaign’s objectives. Choose one of the free ready-made templates by SendPulse to start with. You can also create your own email template and use it throughout your email marketing. To create one, use SendPulse’s user-friendly drag and drop editor.

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