An email signature is a part of a brand image that is more than just your name and position held. It is often called an email footer. It provides a recipient with information about your company and helps recognize it.

An email signature is a must because it reinforces brand awareness and gives additional marketing opportunities.

The video produced by Exclaimer offers useful insights into the art of creating an email signature.

How to Create a Professional Email Signature

  1. Name, company, the position held
  2. Contact information
  3. Company logo
  4. Social media icons
  5. Stick to a neat design

Name, company, the position held

All the recipients judge by this information whether an email is worth reading. Never send campaigns on behalf of an individual without stating the brand. Note that a sender is to be easily related to the business at the back of the subscriber's mind.

Contact information

Include the link to the official website and blog, your company phone number or the number of customer care department.

Company logo

If you have a business, include its logo. Still, it's not obligatory but will help the clients recognize and remember you.

Social media icons

Bear in mind that you can include link only to the profile of your company, but not your personal one. We recommend adding social media icons to the email signature as they give another opportunity to acquire new leads. Don't miss a chance to grow your target audience!

Stick to a neat design

Take into account your corporate colors and fonts while creating an email signature. 

Keep away from:

  1.  Colors that shriek at one another like green and blue.
  2.  Bullet list.
  3.  GIF-animation.
  4.  Adding the email address you are sending from.

How to create an email signature in SendPulse?

All the ready-made email templates include an email footer. If you want to create your own unique template, use our drag-and-drop editor. You see that it contains an email signature as well. To add some text, social media icons or separators, just drag these elements from the left to the design.


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