A brand ambassador is a professional with an outgoing personality and strong social media presence who speaks for a brand and promotes its products online and offline. The perfect candidate helps create content, becomes a spokesperson at various events, handles word-of-mouth marketing, and promotes a brand and its products through different digital platforms.

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In a world with 3.78 billion social media users, the influence of digital platforms is very high. That’s why brands seek professionals ready to become their representatives and promote their products and services. In this article, we’ll unveil the reasons why businesses look for brand ambassadors, their responsibilities, and salary. Next, we’ll jump into our step-by-step guide on how to become a brand ambassador.

Why do businesses need brand ambassadors?

Every company needs a “face”, a real person who combines all the required traits and shares the brand's values and tone of voice. Brands search for perfect candidates to speak for their companies because they can:

  • improve brand awareness;
  • create a higher level of trust in a brand;
  • reach a new audience and bring in new customers with the help of referral sales (links and coupons) and word-of-mouth;
  • enhance customer lifetime value;
  • blow up conversions through user-generated content;
  • reduce extra expenditures on the creation of in-house content;
  • increase effectiveness across different channels;
  • establish credibility;
  • build a good reputation;
  • boost sales;
  • drive traffic to a brand’s website.

An employee, a huge fan of your brand, or just a customer can easily become your brand representative. The person should know the details of your brand’s product, vision, and mission, manage brand accounts in social networks, have experience in marketing, and be a great spokesperson. Real people are more likely to engage a wider audience by trying a product or service and recommending it to the target audience. Moreover, they help obtain new customers and retain the current ones.

Ideally, brands want to see a public figure who has a great influence on the masses. You’ve probably heard about Dua Lipa who represents Puma and Selena Gomez who is an ambassador of Pantene. Influencers inspire people all around the world through campaigns and initiatives.

Now that you know the key reasons, let’s proceed to the responsibilities of brands’ faces.

What Do Brand Ambassadors Do?

As a face and a voice of a company, a brand ambassador creates buzz around a certain brand and promotes products both offline and online. To make people talk about a company and recommend it to others, opinion leaders leverage word-of-mouth marketing, distribute merchandise and information to prospects, and communicate a product’s value and benefits. Moreover, the position involves becoming a company's spokesperson at various events, product launches, and conferences.

Since more and more people become familiar with social media platforms, a candidate should perfectly navigate Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and various messengers. To bring leads, a real professional should create quality content for a brand’s site and social media.

To generate brand awareness, these employees regularly communicate with their audience in different ways: participate in events, represent a brand online through videos, educational materials, and offline through various live events, meetings, and conferences.

Large companies seek professionals who are ready to make every effort to shape marketing strategy, communicate the brand's message, and promote it through the most effective channels. A great communicator with excellent networking skills also collaborates with the sales and marketing departments to achieve the company's objectives.

Now that you know about the responsibilities of brand reps, let’s talk about the compensation you can receive when having a job like this.

Do Brand Ambassadors Get Paid?

Becoming an ambassador of a brand is a great idea for friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastic people. According to Indeed, an average salary is $17 per hour and $39,834 per year in the United States. 49% of Americans who hold the positions of brand ambassadors are satisfied with their incomes and say that they earn enough money for living.

It’s worth mentioning that there are a lot of great companies that offer higher salaries and let brand reps earn $55,000-65,000 annually. So, salaries vary and depend on the brand you endorse.

Sometimes brands employ a different strategy and prefer to pay their professionals based on the number of promotional materials they can distribute or leads they generate. As a result, brand ambassadors who work on commission can earn a lot in case they bring many prospects or nothing if they don’t succeed in expanding a customer base.

To become a perfect candidate for the position, you need to consider the following guide.

How to Become a Brand Ambassador?

  1. Look for brands you would like to represent
  2. Create a unique personality
  3. Engage a wider audience
  4. Communicate with your followers
  5. Increase the number of subscribers
  6. Contact companies you would like to work with

Today, you don’t need to be a celebrity, an influencer, or a public figure to become a corporate ambassador. Since brands strive to build brand recognition and drive sales volume, they look for young enthusiasts good at multitasking. So, if you feel that you have great networking and communication skills, stick to the following steps to get started.

  1. Look for brands you would like to represent. To start, search for the companies you would like to endorse. Bear in mind that brands would like to see opinion leaders who share similar values and suit their main purpose. For instance, a beauty blogger is a perfect fit for a cosmetics company. Therefore, it’s useful to research brands that relate to the content on your social media. Follow them to comprehend their basic principles and the people they need.
  2. Create a unique personality. Get ready to demonstrate a clear personality online. For this purpose, find your niche: traveling, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, or business. Brands need ambassadors with certain vibes and interests in which their product can suit perfectly. Many well-known brands of sportswear choose athletes as ambassadors. For example, Tony Hawk, known for his achievements in skateboarding, took a worthy position as a brand ambassador of Vans, a famous brand of skateboarding shoes and apparel.
  3. Engage a wider audience. To build a good reputation and trust, you need to create quality content. Do your best and create engaging posts, share amazing photos, create stories to gain a following, and collect likes and comments. Employ different strategies and approaches to reach more people. As an option, consider commenting on famous pages or blogs, conducting giveaways, turning to bloggers for promotion, or using paid advertising. The more activity on your page, the more attractive is your personality for companies in the same niche.
  4. Communicate with your followers. Be active with your subscribers. Ask them to share their experiences and opinions. This is a great opportunity to build a dialogue and engage followers in the conversation. Your interactive approach won’t leave them indifferent. As a result, you’ll not only retain your existing followers but also attract new ones.
  5. Increase the number of subscribers. One of the main aims of every blogger is to have a large following. To attain it, opinion leaders cooperate with other influencers in the niche, conduct giveaways, create blog posts regularly, use hashtags, and actively communicate with their audiences.
  6. Contact companies you would like to work with. Once your social media account is ready and you have decided which brands you would love to endorse, start reaching them out. You can send them a message offering your services through social media or email. You can also do it in person by visiting special events and meetings.

To conclude, by enlisting your best employees or customers as brand ambassadors, your brand can reach leads and bring in new clients, forge a deep bond with the audience and improve conversion rates. If you think that representing brands and their products, becoming a spokesperson, and designing effective marketing campaigns and strategies is your cup of tea, go ahead and show your knowledge and skills as a brand ambassador.


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