A bulk email provider is a company that offers automated email marketing services to businesses and other interested individuals. Through the provider, a business can send a single email to multiple people or a unique email to each recipient on the mailing list.

The bulk emails are sent automatically once a given set of parameters are communicated to the service provider. Often, mass emails comprise of informative and advertising messages that target a particular demographic at different phases of the sales funnel. Marketers have learned that email personalization and automation help achieve more success with bulk email campaigns. Open and click rates, spam reports, unsubscribes, among other engagement data help marketers to discern if the campaigns are hitting the mark or not.
Bulk email providers offer their customers technical infrastructure: email templates, subscription forms, A/B testing, engagement measuring tools.

SendPulse offers its own email platform.

How to choose a bulk email provider

Below are some factors a business owner should consider when selecting a bulk email provider:


Sendpulse offers a free plan which allows marketers to send 15,000 emails to 500 subscribers each month for free.

Domain reputation

Those interested in bulk email services ought to hire providers that have a good reputation and are well established. In this case, it makes the most sense to work with ESPs that have been in operation for a considerable duration. Domain reputation impacts your bulk email deliverability. So, if it’s rather poor, your campaigns have fewer chances to land in subscribers’ inbox. Reviews from other users should also be factored in ahead of any decision making.

Email templates

Businesses should opt to work with providers that offer them an array of ready-made email templates. With this, a business can try out different templates to find out the ones that work best ahead of adoption. Also, worth considering is if the provider offers an HTML editor if one is interested in creating their own templates.

Mailing list management

It is also wise to pick a provider that offers efficient mailing list management. Good business is all about managing your subscribers in the best possible way, and thus it is necessary to research how the ESP manages vital aspects such as unsubscribing, subscription forms, and subscriber content preferences before going all in.

Email automation

Before you decide on a bulk email provider, determine whether email automation is possible with them. Any proactive business should make use of automation to save time and boost engagement.

Useful features

Choose a provider that offers:

  • Personalization of email campaigns
  • Segmentation of the mailing list
  • A/B testing for email
  • Target email marketing

How to send bulk email for free

  1. Register in SendPulse
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Design an email template
  4. Check and send
  5. Measure statistics

Sending bulk emails using SendPulse email service is easy, convenient, and flexible when it comes to price. After the registration, one can opt for the free plan. With the help of SendPulse professional tools, a user can send 15,000 marketing emails to up to 500 subscribers on a mailing list every month.

Other benefits include:

  • Free email verification tool
  • Personalization and deep segmentation
  • More than 130 high-quality email templates
  • Easy-to-use and convenient email editor
  • Fast delivery and high inbox rate
  • Detailed reports
  • Everyday customer support through phone, email or online chat

To send mass emails for free:

  1. Register in SendPulse. Under the prices tab, select the free plan, and then “sign up” and give your name, email, phone number, and a password. This information is used to create an account for the new user. With an account in SendPulse, one automatically qualifies for the free plan.
  2. Create a campaign. Select “Create a campaign.” In the first box titled “Mailing list,” select the appropriate list — if there is one — or create a new list. If you upload an existing list, check the addresses with our free email verification tool. It allows marketers to remove invalid emails from the list to keep your email deliverability rate high. SendPulse also provides the option to segment lists according to the user’s criteria. In the “From” section, add the sending domain or business address. Finish by inputting the sender’s name and a captivating subject line.
  3. Design an email template. The next step is to choose the type of template for the new email campaign. There is a variety of responsive ready-made templates one can use for free. Then, using the drag and drop editor, personalize it to suit the intended campaign. Alternatively, a user can create a template from scratch with the help of the HTML editor.
  4. Check and send. Confirm that all fields are filled in and the information on the email is correct for the intended campaign. SendPulse also allows previewing emails before sending them. This way, you can view the email to see how it will appear in the subscriber’s mailbox. Simply click on the “Message body” to preview the message. To send the email, go to “Send now.” However, if you do not want to send it immediately, go to “Send a message on” to set a date and time for the email to be sent out.
  5. Measure statistics. Tracking the statistics of a running email campaign is very important. This data helps the marketer or online business owner to know how many people opened the email (open rate), how many clicked on the link provided in the email (click-through rate) and the number of subscribers who did not open it. Further details can be tracked in “Reports.”

And it’s done! Get to SendPulse to start an effective email campaign.
Are you already using the free pricing plan? Upgrade to a paid plan for added benefits like unlimited email sending, ability to move mailing lists to Excel, no SendPulse logo on the email campaign, more room for images and AI-based personalization.

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