A subscription confirmation email is automatically sent in the second step of a double opt-in. At the first step, users leave their email address in the subscription form. In the second step, they confirm they willingly subscribe to future email campaigns from you. Subscription confirmation emails help to ensure you deal only with engaged users with valid email addresses.

Confirmation email goes hand in hand with a subscription form, so watch the video to learn what subscription form is and how it works.

Why are subscription confirmation emails important?

On the one hand, it makes a subscription process longer, thus, increases the risks of churn. But what is more important, using subscription confirmation emails, ensures your future email campaigns will be addressed to only interested users, who willingly and consciously joined your list.

It also improves the deliverability of your emails alongside with sender reputation. That’s because a mailing list gathered with a double opt-in method shows lower bounce rates.

At last, the double opt-in approach increases your chances of building long-lasting relationships with your audience, so it’s definitely worth your efforts. Does it take a lot of effort to create a subscription confirmation email? Let’s find out!

How to Create a Subscription Confirmation Email

  1. Create a subscription form
  2. Set up a notification about the confirmation email
  3. Edit the confirmation email

With SendPulse, a confirmation email is created in one go with a subscription form, and you can customize it for each form you place on your website. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Create a subscription form

Go to a “Subscription forms” tab in your SendPulse account and click “Create a new form.”
Drag and drop the elements like input, checkbox, and radio buttons and customize everything to your liking. You can see a screenshot of a form builder below.

SendPulse subscription form builder

After that, move to the “Form options” to set up all the other elements, including the confirmation email.

Step 2: Set up a notification about the confirmation email

Once a user hits the subscribe button, they usually see a notification saying a confirmation email has been sent to their email address. It is set up by default, like in the example below, but you can customize it if you want.

Notification about subscription

Step 3: Edit the confirmation email

Here we are! A subscription confirmation email also has a preset text, like in the screenshot below. You can also change it according to your style of communication.

Before you add a subscription form to a web site with a set-up confirmation email, create a “thank-you” page that will appear to a new subscriber when they click the confirmation link.

Now that you know how subscription confirmation emails work let’s see some examples from the well-known brands.

Subscription Confirmation Email Examples

Leica. In this email, the brand reminds what benefits the user will earn and promises customization after the subscription is finished.

Leica subscription confirmation email

Booking.com. This confirmation email is written in a formal tone, informing that a click on a link gives full access to the account.

Booking.com subscription confirmation email

EzyDog. It also sounds formal, reminds about the types of emails the subscriber will receive in the future, and offers support if the user has any questions.

EzyDog subscription confirmation email


Indeed. Collect subscribers using SendPulse’s double opt-in subscription forms, and a subscription confirmation email will automatically be sent in the second stage of this process. Register with SendPulse and create a subscription form that includes a subscription confirmation email with this guide.

At the second stage of the double opt-in process. Use SendPulse’s subscription forms to collect subscribers, and a subscription confirmation email will automatically be sent to ensure their email address is active. Register with SendPulse and create free subscription forms with this guide.

Sending a welcome email is a great way to greet new subscribers and explain what kind of value they should expect from you. Register with SendPulse and send up to 15,000 automated emails, including abandoned cart, reactivation, and welcome emails to 500 recipients monthly at no charge.

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