Confirming an order is an important part of any business-customer relationship. Companies send this transactional email to provide the customers with detailed information about their order. After registering with SendPulse, you can send order confirmation emails automatically without much effort.

In the video below, Alex nails the order confirmation routine. Check it out to set up an effective order confirmation flow!

Along with other automated messages like welcome emails, thank you emails, or confirmation emails, an order confirmation email is considered to be not just a formality or a tool to inform your customers about the status of their order. It is also a great opportunity to build a rapport with your clients. Personalization is a great technique that can be used to make your order confirmation email look and feel friendlier.  

When to Send Your Order Confirmation Email

This email should be issued when a customer places an order on your company’s website. With this email, you confirm that you have accepted a client's order.

Email itself remains one of the most effective tools used by businesses to maintain a healthy and lucrative pattern of communication with their clients and, most importantly, their returning customers. Order confirmation emails are no exception. They can be used both to serve as a tool to provide your customers with vital information concerning their order and to lay the ground for possible future interaction with your brand. 

How to Send Automatic Order Confirmation Emails

There's no need to have any technical skills or a programmer in your team to send these emails.

Let's confirm subscribers' orders!

Provide your customers with special care and set transactional email sending after a user places an order. Leave the technical side of things to SendPulse.

Register and send order confirmation email!

  1. Register with SendPulse.
  2. Use our drag and drop editor to design your order confirmation email template.
  3. Go to Automation 360 and create an event — order placement.
  4. Create an email automation flow.
  5. Track conversions.

Before constructing an order confirmation email template, it is a sound idea to plan what details you plan to include. 

What to Include in an Order Confirmation Email

It is best to keep a balance between brevity and friendliness. Here is a list of the essential transaction details to be included in an order confirmation email.  

  • order number
  • an item (product or service)
  • quantity
  • price (per item)
  • billing/shipping address
  • payment methods
  • shipping method and cost
  • estimated delivery time (optional)

Order confirmation email

Crafting an email template is not that of a difficult task, but if your imagination well has run dry, get some inspiration from the collection of free responsive email templates. Use SendPulse’s drag and drop editor to design your emails that cut through the noise. 

Once your email template is ready, and the email workflow is set up, your customers will receive their order confirmation emails after they push that ‘place my order’ button on the order confirmation page. 

Order Confirmation Page

An order confirmation page is a page within a company’s website, often referred to as ‘shopping cart,’ where customers can see the list of items/services they opted to buy from the company. 

A typical order confirmation page includes a list of items, their quantity, the price per item, shipping options, and cost as well as the total cost of the order. 

Order confirmation email

Order Confirmation Email Examples

The email below is sent by Airbnb to confirm a reservation. The company provides all the vital details including the time and date, check-in time, address, reservation code, and an amount to be paid. What is good about this email is that a customer can change his reservation and contact a personal host anytime. In addition, Airbnb provides important information about the house rules and amenities as well as offers five unique things to do in San Francisco.

Order confirmation email

This order confirmation email is sent by Tens. They used personalization to inform a user that they’ve received his order. The client can check its number, the items ordered, total price, card number, billing information, and the address.

Order confirmation email

DoorDash sent the email below to inform a client about order confirmation. This food delivery service allows users to check the dishes ordered, find out the time of delivery as well as monitor it in real-time.

Order confirmation email


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Send an order confirmation email.


Of course. Register with SendPulse, set up an event for a completed order using Automation 360, and create an email workflow. With SendPulse, you can send up to 15,000 free automated emails, including order confirmation, abandoned cart, and reactivation emails, to 500 subscribers monthly free of charge.

Because users expect this from your brand. It confirms their order details like their shipping address and the number of products they ordered to avoid any issues. No doubt, sending order confirmation emails is a must for any e-commerce business, so register with SendPulse and send them for free.

Register with SendPulse and send up to 15,000 emails to 500 recipients monthly at no charge. If you need to send a larger volume of emails, choose a paid plan on our pricing page.

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