Website Customization

How to customize your page and element style

  • How to customize your site elements

    Last Updated: 13.03.2024

    You can edit the style of your entire site and blocks that consist of sections and columns and customize each column and widget separately.

  • How to customize your page style

    Last Updated: 13.03.2024

    You can customize your website design to fit your brand style. Build a visual identity by choosing a primary color scheme and fonts for your site elements. The settings you choose in the Page Style section will be applied to all of your elements.

  • How to adjust your mobile website version

    Last Updated: 05.03.2024

    Adjusting your mobile website version can help you ensure seamless user navigation, boost user experience, and increase conversions. SendPulse’s website builder generates a mobile version of your website automatically, but you can edit its elements, columns, sections, and blocks separately from your desktop version.

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