SMTP Service

Authentication Parameters

  • How to Configure DKIM for SendPulse SMTP

    Last Updated: 01.12.2020

    DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) technology enables businesses to certify an e-mail message. Technically speaking, this is a way to confirm the sender's domain with a cryptographic signature.

  • How to Create an SPF Record

    Last Updated: 10.12.2020

    An SPF record is a list of servers that can send emails from your domain, and how to process emails sent from other servers. You can add an SPF record to your domain host.

SMTP errors and email delivery errors

  • Invalid Email Address Error Codes

    Last Updated: 22.01.2020

    If you send bulk emails, you may face the problem of delivery errors. Knowing the reasons will help you cope with it and increase conversions. After registering with SendPulse, you're welcome to monitor your campaign statistics, including the errors. Keep on reading this article to discover the causes and ways to avoid errors.

  • The 550 5.1.1 Error

    Last Updated: 20.01.2020

    There are several possible reasons that you received this error. In this guide, we'll talk about the reasons and help you resolve this nasty error.

  • Spam Related Delivery Errors

    Last Updated: 21.01.2020

    SMTP Error 450 4.7.1

  • Error 503

    Last Updated: 27.01.2020

    Have you ever faced Error 503 – Valid RCPT command must precede DATA while sending emails?

  • SMTP Error Codes

    Last Updated: 10.12.2019

    SMTP is responsible for delivering your email campaigns. If you send bulk emails, you have probably faced the problem of various SMTP errors that prevented your subscribers from receiving your emails. Mind that not every reply means an error. It can be a response to a command, including important information about a server. To understand what's wrong, you should know what the codes mean.

  • The 554 5.7.1 SMTP Error

    Last Updated: 30.01.2020

    When sending an email, you should take into account two mailing servers: yours and the recipients.



  • How to View SMTP Statistics

    Last Updated: 14.01.2022

    WIth SendPulse, you can view SMTP statistics in order to track your campaigns’ performance, delivery errors, and unsubscribe rate.

  • How to Enable Email Tracking Statistics Sent via SMTP

    Last Updated: 14.01.2022

    By sending campaigns via SMTP, you can track the number of emails sent, delivered, and opened as well as the number of click-throughs and delivery errors.

  • How to Get Started with SMTP

    Last Updated: 14.01.2022

    With the SendPulse SMTP service, you can send transactional emails from your service, for example, abandoned cart emails, order updates, order confirmation emails, and other notifications.

  • How to Enable Webhooks for Transactional Emails

    Last Updated: 24.09.2021

    A webhook is a mechanism for receiving notifications about certain events. You can set up notifications about email deliverability and subscriber activity.

  • How to Send Transactional Emails Using a SendPulse Template

    Last Updated: 09.06.2021

    You can send transactional emails to clients via API from your system using a template with dynamic content created in SendPulse.

  • SMTP Limits after Exceeding the Bounce Rate

    Last Updated: 10.01.2022

    Sending emails to invalid addresses hurts the reputation of your email service’s servers and your sender domain, which is detrimental to mailing list deliverability.

  • How to Create an Unsubscribe Link

    Last Updated: 19.10.2021

    You can add the unsubscribe function to emails sent via the SMTP service using the {{unsubscribe_url}} variable.

  • SMTP Limits

    Last Updated: 24.11.2020

    Certain restrictions are applied while using SMTP with SendPulse. There are limits on the number of sent emails per hour, per day and the number of domains in use.

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