Additional Features

How to use additional features to enrich your marketing automation experience

  • How to view your automation statistics

    Last Updated: 28.12.2023

    Campaign statistics help businesses analyze the effectiveness of their customized flow scenario using various communication channels. With SendPulse, you can access detailed statistics with element and recipient data.

  • Priority time of sending an automation

    Last Updated: 28.12.2023

    To send automation flow emails only on certain days of the week, set your priority sending time. It can be configured for any start condition.

  • What is a completed series

    Last Updated: 28.12.2023

    The number of completed series in automation indicates the number of contacts, to whom, no more messages from this automation can be sent.

  • How automations work when paused

    Last Updated: 28.12.2023

    When you pause automation, new contacts will not be added to the automation queue on start by condition.

  • How to stop an autoflow to a contact

    Last Updated: 28.12.2023

    You can stop an autoflow for all of your contacts by pausing the autoflow. Additionally, you stop an autoflow for one email address.

  • How Automation 360 works on an expired pricing plan

    Last Updated: 28.12.2023

    An automation flow launched while a paid plan was active stops when the paid plan expires. Also an automation stops if you have less than 20 unique subscribers left according to your pricing plan.

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