Sending SMS campaigns

Instructions on how to send SMS

  • How to create an SMS message template

    Last Updated: 21.05.2024

    You can create a message template to save time on adding message content and passing moderation. You can use active and approved templates to create SMS campaigns and send messages right away.

  • How to send SMS messages

    Last Updated: 03.01.2024

    With an SMS campaign builder, you can create personalized campaigns to notify users about changes to your service or promotions and send them to a large list of recipients.

  • How to register an SMS Sender ID

    Last Updated: 15.12.2023

    With a registered SMS Sender ID, your clients will be able to easily identify your messages, allowing you to improve deliverability and create a secure connection with your customers around the world.

  • How to pay for SMS campaigns

    Last Updated: 03.01.2024

    There are no predefined pricing plans for the SMS service — the price is calculated based on your number of recipients, message size, sending route, and recipient country.

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