How to work with a task board and manage your tasks

  • Task board basics

    Last Updated: 29.05.2024

    With the My tasks feature, you can plan and manage your team’s internal workflow. Create tasks for you and your team members, and track their progress using a task board in Kanban mode or by specific criteria using the List view.

  • How to create a task

    Last Updated: 14.06.2024

    To achieve your project’s goals, you can divide all the work you have to do into specific steps and create tasks for each of them. In the task card, specify the action that needs to be performed, requirements and expected results, assignees, deadlines, and other useful information.

  • How to work with tasks

    Last Updated: 29.05.2024

    You can change the status of the task you’re working on by moving it around the board, leave comments, view history, and edit its basic information in the task card.

  • How to manage task attributes

    Last Updated: 10.06.2024

    You can add fields to deals to capture additional information. For example, you can add your contact’s location, preferences, status, etc., and use this data to personalize your messages.

  • How to work with task history and comments

    Last Updated: 29.05.2024

    When managing projects, you need to track a multitude of tasks and interact with your team. To build your workflows effectively, you can view task history, leave comments, and attach documents to discuss them with the team.

  • How to work with the calendar

    Last Updated: 29.05.2024

    With the help of our CRM calendar, you can view your tasks by date to manage your resources more efficiently and see how much time you need to complete a task.

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