How to create a Viber message template

You can create transactional Viber campaign templates using SendPulse. For example, you can send welcome messages after registration, confirm purchases, or update delivery statuses.

Create a template

Go to Email > Service Settings > From Addresses > Senders and Viber templates, and click Message templates.

Click Add a template.

Enter your template name.

Select a sender

Select a sender name using which you plan to send messages.

You can create a template only if you have an active sender name. Read more: How to add a new Viber sender name.

Add your message content

Enter your message text that’s up to 500 characters long.

Ensure that your template doesn't include special characters or consecutive spaces. Your template cannot start or end with a space or variable ({{var}}). You can insert characters to separate phrases when sending your message.

If you use regular expressions in your template, special characters in them will not be removed. Special characters: ! № # % . , : ; ? \ / ( ) + - “ ”― _ ' " ` & ^ ? { } [ ] < > / \ | ! @ # $ % ^ ( ) + = ~ *

Enter an example of your message. Your transactional message text can contain up to 950 characters.

Submit your template

Click Submit for review.

Your template will have the On moderation status. The moderation process can take up to two days.

Once your template is reviewed, its status will change from On moderation to Active or Rejected. If it is active, you can start using it to send messages.

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