How to send a Viber campaign

Available with a paid pricing plan, as well as during the 7-day free trial

You can create personalized Viber campaigns to notify subscribers about recent updates or promotions.

You can also integrate SendPulse’s Viber campaign service with your website to send event-triggered messages, for example, order confirmation or registration notifications. To send transactional or triggered Viber campaigns, we recommend using the Create a Viber Campaign API method.

Go to the Email section, and click Send Viber.

Select a sender

Select a sender name using which you will send your campaign.

Select a message type

System Used for transactions (balance status, money accrual, and debit) and notifications (bonus accrual or debit, product delivery, order confirmation, and so on). To send a message of this type, you can only enter your text and need to have a preapproved template.
Promotional Used for promotional campaigns. With this message type, you can add an image and a button.

Select your recipients

Add recipients’ phone numbers in the international format manually, or select a subscriber list.

You can also exclude recipients. In Additional options, select the Exclude recipients checkbox. Select a mailing list, or enter specific phone numbers from a mailing list you want to exclude from your campaign.

If your mailing lists share certain contacts, you can select mailing list A as your recipient and exclude phone numbers from mailing list B. This way, your campaign will target mailing list A contacts that are not included in mailing list B.

Add your message content

Viber supports the following elements:

  • System messages: "text" (with a preapproved template);
  • Promotional messages: "text," "text + button," "image," and "image + button + text” (in additional options).


You can add only text elements to preapproved templates.

Select a message template. Replace default values {{var}} with your variable names. Insert characters to separate phrases.



Enter your message text. Viber messages allow any Unicode characters. The message length cannot exceed 1,000 characters.

You can also add emoji to your text and format it. To format your text, select it, and click a corresponding icon.

If you have selected a mailing list, you can personalize your message and add variables.


Select an image. The maximum image size is 500 kilobytes. Recommended image format: square, for example, 200px × 200px.


To add a button, select the Action-button checkbox.

Enter your button text, and add the link it will lead to.

Set your message lifespan

Select a message lifespan — the period during which the system will attempt to deliver your message to subscribers who were unavailable at the time of sending. The minimum value is one minute, and the maximum value is 24 hours.

You can also enable the Resend via SMS option. If your message remains unopened after its lifespan expires, an SMS campaign will be sent. Select an SMS sender name, and enter your message text.

Select your campaign sending time

You can send your campaign immediately or schedule it for later.

Set up throttling

You can send your campaign immediately to all subscribers or in parts over the selected number of hours.

We recommend sending your campaign gradually if it has a large subscriber base. This way, you will reduce your employees’ workload if they need to process message replies.

Preview and send your message

To preview your message, click the preview icon.

If your message is displayed correctly, click Send.

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