How to use the “Education by SendPulse” mobile App

Students can use the “Education by SendPulse” mobile app to complete their assignments, download materials, ask questions, and edit their profiles. The app allows you to study with ease even if you do not have access to a computer.

Install the app on your device

The Education by SendPulse app is available for Android and iOS. Install it to take the courses you are enrolled in.

You cannot choose or register for new courses with the app — use it to take the courses you are already enrolled in.

Sign in to the app

To access your courses using the app, go to your student account. You can do this using your course domain or quick login code.

With course domain

Open the app, click By course domain, and fill in all the fields. Click Sign in.

The domain must be specified in the following format:, or where yourdomain is a unique name for your course. You could see it on the registration page or desktop version of the course.

With a quick login code

Go to the desktop version of your student account, click Edit Profile, and copy the generated code in the Quick login field.

Go to the app, click By code, and enter the code.

The code is valid for 60 seconds, after it is updated. Then you need to enter the current data.

Take a course using the app

You can only take free courses or courses you've signed up. To pay for a course, sign in to your account from a computer.

Click a course to start learning, or click Enroll if you haven't opened it yet. Afterward, your course program will become available.


Click a lesson to see the content prepared by your instructor. Instructors can add downloadable useful materials, for example, guides, books, and presentations. To download them, click the download icon.

Once you read or view all the materials, mark the lesson as completed.

Sometimes your instructor may add homework assignments to lessons. To complete them, type in your answers, and attach files if necessary.

After checking the assignment by the teacher, you can proceed to the next lesson.


During your studies, you may need to take tests if course creators choose to add them. Your scores determine if you will complete the course and earn your certificate.

Mark the correct answers, get your score, and take the test again if this option is available. To take the test again, click the arrow icon.


Course instructors can send web push notifications with important updates about courses or related events that students can view in the app.

Go to the Notifications section. If you have unread notifications, there will be a red mark with their number.

To open and read the whole notification, click it in the list. Afterward, the notification will no longer be marked as unread.

All notifications are arranged chronologically.


In each lesson, you can ask your instructor a question. To do this, click the letter icon in the upper right corner.

You can view all the answers in the Questions tab. Here, you can also ask an additional question in the chat.

Edit your profile

Go to the Profile section to select your profile language, contact customer support, or read company policies. To edit your profile, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner.

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