How to Work in a Student's Account

Once students register for a course, they can access their personal accounts. They can edit their profiles, take courses, and ask their instructors questions.

How to Enroll in a Course

Sign Up

If you are invited to join a course, you will receive an email with a registration link. Follow it to go to a course website. If you have a link to a course landing page, follow it to register.

Click Sign up for a course.

You can ask a question via a course landing page. Read more: How Can Students Ask Questions and Find the Answers?

Fill in the registration form fields (your full name and email address), and create a password. Click Sign up.

Then, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Click a link that will redirect you to the login page. Enter your email address and password specified during the registration, and click Sign up for the course.

Sign In

You can sign in to your account without registering if you are already enrolled in any course of the same instructor on this domain. To do this, click Sign in.

Enter the login and password you specified when registering for one of the instructor’s courses, and click Sign in.

How to Set Up Your Personal Account

In your personal account, you can edit your first and last name, select a language, and change your password. To do this, click Edit profile.

How to Work with Courses Before Taking Them

In the "Courses" tab, you will see the "My Courses" section with the courses that are in progress or planned. Below, there is the "Completed Courses" section with the courses you have already taken.

Viewing Progress

If a course is marked as "Course Started," it means that it has been started by its instructor, and you can take it. If you open a course at least once, you will see your progress.

Getting Started

To start a course you registered for or were invited to, click Enroll.

Then, click the course to open it, and start studying.

Viewing a Course Program

When you open a course, its program will be on the left, including its sections, lessons, and tests. Click the first lesson to start studying.

How to Work With Courses When Taking Them

To proceed to the next lesson in linear order, mark the previous lesson as completed, pass the test, and turn in the assignment. With non-linear courses, marking lessons as completed is not necessary because you have access to all lessons in a course or section.

Viewing a Lesson

In each lesson, you can find materials of different formats, but these are mostly video lectures. There can be other useful downloadable materials, for example, guides, books, and presentations. To download them to your device, click a file.

Taking a Lesson

After watching all the lectures and viewing all the materials, mark a lesson as completed. To do this, select the "Mark as completed" checkbox, and rate it — 5 stars mean you liked everything, and 1 star means you did not like anything. Сlick the arrow — you will go to the next step.

This way, you can view your progress on the course page and receive a certificate of completion. Your instructor can also limit access to the next lesson if the previous one is not marked as completed.

Passing a Test

During their studies, students may be required to take tests if course creators choose to include them. Students’ test scores determine whether they will successfully complete a course and earn their certificates.

To answer a test question, select an answer, and click Next.

If an instructor enables the “Show the correct answer” option, students will see which answers are correct and which are not after they select an answer.

If an instructor also enables the “Show answer explanations” option, students will see their explanations to each correct answer.

Once you complete the test, you will see your score.

If an instructor allows more attempts in the “Attempts to pass” option, students can take the test again. To do it, they need to click Repeat.

Doing Homework

Below an assignment, there is a field where you can type in your answer and attach a file. Click Send once you upload your completed assignment.

An assignment is considered successfully completed if an instructor accepts it. Such an assignment will have the "Accepted" status and the instructor's comments.

Students’ Questions and Instructors’ Answers

Students can ask questions during their course registration and each lesson.

Read also: How Can Students Ask Questions and Find the Answers?

To ask a question on the lesson page, click the message icon in the upper right corner. Type in a question, and click Send.

You can view all your questions and answers from instructors in the "Questions" tab. If an instructor posts a new answer, you will see a blue dot next to your question. An email notification will be sent to your email address specified during the registration.

To see an answer, click a question. Here, you can ask an additional question or reply to your instructor. Click the arrow on the right to submit your reply.

How to Work with a Course After Its Completion

Meeting Course Completion Criteria

To complete a course and get access to the results page, students need to fulfill a set of requirements (if an instructor has selected them in the course settings):

Once all the required conditions are met, a checkmark will appear next to lessons and tests. However, it will not appear next to sections that are not completed. This can help students see what they need to complete.

Viewing Results

The results page becomes available only after a student meets all the course completion criteria selected by their instructor.

To go to the results page, click Results in the lower left corner.

On this page, you can view your overall score for all tests, download your certificate, give feedback, and see other students’ feedback and recommended courses.

Getting a Certificate

Go to the results page, and click Get your certificate. You can download your certificate in PDF or print it.

The “Get your certificate” button will appear only if your instructor added a certificate to their course.

You can download your certificate later in the certificate gallery. Go to the “Certificates” tab on the main page, and select your certificate.

If you don’t see your certificate, go to the results page, and click “Get your certificate.”

Giving Course Feedback

Students can rate each lesson, test, and the whole course. This way, an instructor will be able to receive feedback and improve their educational materials or course program.

To rate a lesson or test while you are taking it, go to the necessary section, and rate it on a 5-point scale.

To rate the whole course, go to the results page, give a star rating, type in your review, and click Send.

Students will be able to see other students’ course feedback if an instructor chooses to display reviews.

If an instructor chooses to display recommended courses, students will be able to see them on the results page or main page and enroll.

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