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How to Manage Chatbots

In this section you can learn how to manage chatbots: disconnect pages, unlink an account and refresh permissions. Also, we’ll show you how to enable new pages from your linked account or link a new account after unlinking your previous account.

Navigate to the Messengers section > Main tab and click on the Manage bots button.

How to disconnect a page

First, choose a connected page. On the right, you will see a dropdown menu. Choose the Disconnect option.

An additional window will appear, click on the Disconnect button again to confirm the action.

Note: If you disconnect a page, welcome and triggered flows will stop.
Subscribers will continue being added to your page if you use a widget, if you don’t delete it.

If you reconnect the page in the future, all of your settings and flows will be restored as if you did not unlink your Facebook account before. Your list of chatbot subscribers will be refreshed also, including any new subscribers.

Choose the account you want to disconnect. Click on the Unlink the account button in the dropdown menu under the name of your account.

An additional window will appear, click on the Disconnect button again to confirm the action.

Note: if you unlink an account, all connected chatbots, settings, website widgets, flows, statistics and other stored data will be deleted from your account.

How to refresh permissions

If you don’t see any of your pages listed in your account or you made some changes to your Facebook account, you will need to refresh permissions before adding a new page.

Click on Refresh permissions.

Sign in to your linked Facebook account. Click on the Change settings button and choose a page where you want to refresh permissions. Click Next.

Choose which permissions you want to give SendPulse. Click Done.

You can also review permissions on the Facebook business integration page.

How to add a new account or page

Also in this section, you can link a new Telegram and Facebook account and its pages.

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