How to Use the “Randomizer” Element

The “Randomize” element allows you to send elements from your chatbot script at random for A/B testing, creating quizzes, and more. Customize the size of the recipient group for each option and send random information or test different chatbot scenarios.

Use cases

Use this element to send random messages with useful information like planned exercises, interesting facts, or use it to arrange quizzes and online tournaments.

Also, with this element, you can arrange marketing research with A/B testing. Test and analyze the result of passing through each of the branches of your script to improve the chatbot.

Use this element to see how clients are influenced by various factors of the scenario: the sequence and relationship of elements, the total number of elements, whether or not you use segmentation or personalization, buttons, ease of navigation, the layout of your information, the nature and tone of your text, and more.

How to Customize the “Randomizer”

Drag the item "Random" element to the working area, connect it to the item you start branching the script from.

Decide how many options you have for sending the next element. Click "Add condition" to add additional options.

Adjust the ratio for each option — what percentage of users will receive each option. The higher the value, the more users will get this option.

You can also split the flow into equal parts by clicking on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner.

Add the following flow elements to each of the options.

Continue chaining all of the scenarios together by adding different elements.

In your personal account, in the "Bot structure" tab of the selected chatbot, you can view the statistics of the element's progress and button clicks. If you have added an element to conduct market research, this information will help you in assessing the results of achieving the goal for different options.

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