How to format text in Telegram

Telegram enables you to send formatted text to users. You can make text bold or italicized, and add code or hyperlink styles to better visualize important information.

List of supported tags:

<b>text</b>, <strong>text</strong> Bold text
<i>text</i>, <em>text</em> Italicize text
<u>text</u>, <ins>text</ins> Underline text
<s>text</s>, <strike>text</strike>, <del>text</del> Strikethrough text
<code>text</code> Monospaced font. Used to highlight part of a piece of code
<pre>text</pre> Monospaced font. Used to highlight a large piece of code while preserving hyphenation and spaces
<tg-spoiler>text</tg-spoiler> Adds the spoiler formatting that hides the selected text
<a href="">text</a> Creates a hyperlink to the selected text
<a href="tg://user?id=123456789">inline mention of a user</a> Adds a mention of another user. A click opens a chat that user.

To add formatting, insert opening and closing tags on either side of the selected word or phrase:

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