How to work with the calendar

With the help of our CRM calendar, you can view your tasks by date to manage your resources more efficiently and see how much time you need to complete a task.

To access the calendar, and select the Calendar view.

The calendar displays all the tasks for which you have set a due date.

If a task starts and ends on the same day, it will take up one cell of that day. Tasks that run for a long time will take up several cells in the calendar.

Today is highlighted in yellow.

Calendar display time

You can select the period for which you want to see your tasks: month, week, or day.

With the Week view, you can view your tasks for that week. The day of the week is displayed at the top and the time is displayed on the left.

With the Day view, you can view your tasks for the selected day. The time is displayed on the left. Task cards are displayed above task completion timelines.

You can also use arrows to navigate the calendar. If you select the Month view, the arrow will move one month forward or backward; if you choose the Week view, it will move a week forward or backward; if you select the Day view, it will move a day ahead or back.

Creating a task

You can also click on a certain day to create a task for it. You will see a task card where you can add your task name, responsible person, due date, description, and other necessary data.

Read more: How to create a task.

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