How to receive students’ feedback about your course

SendPulse’s online course builder allows you to receive feedback from students. Everyone who takes your course can rate each lesson and test, post a review, and provide an overall course rating. This can help course creators improve their course program.

Rating sections, lessons, and tests

Students can rate each lesson and test on a 5-point scale in their personal account. This is optional, and students can choose not to rate your course.

To see your overall rating, select a course and go to Lessons tab.

Section rating

Next to each section, you will see its rating. It is based on the average rating of lessons and tests in a section.

Votes are a total number of lesson and test ratings where each student's rating is taken into account.

Lesson rating

Below, you will see how students rated each of your lessons on average.

Test rating

Next to your tests, you will see how students rated each of them on average.

Course rating and reviews

After completing your course, students can rate it and provide feedback.

Overall review statistics

You can view statistics on your students’ course reviews in the Reviews tab.

On the left, there is a chart that shows the ratio of the number of reviews and students.

Reviews This indicator displays the number of reviews provided by students at the end of your course
Students This indicator displays the number of users who registered for your course and opened it.

There are also statistics on course ratings and average rating.

Students’ course reviews

Below, you will see each student’s review in detail, including their name, rating, review text, and date added.

Click a student’s name to open their contact card. To delete a review, click the trash icon on the right.

You can filter students’ reviews based on how recent or positive they are.

Displaying reviews to students

Available with the Pro plan and above, as well as during the 7-day free trial

You can display your previous students’ feedback in the accounts of those who are currently taking your course. To do this, open a course, and go to your course settings.

In the Student reviews in the course field, select the testimonials you want to show to other students. They will be displayed to your students on the results page after they complete your course.

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