Interacting with Students

How to interact with students and provide feedback

  • How to manage course email notifications

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    Students can receive email notifications about new lessons, course launches, instructor answers, and other course events. You can customize these emails or not send them at all.

  • How to view student questions

    Last Updated: 22.04.2024

    During the studying process, students may have questions regarding the material. They can ask a question inside each lesson in the student's account. A chat between the instructor and the student is created for each lesson. Students can also ask questions about the course on the course registration page.

  • How to work with student assignments

    Last Updated: 22.04.2024

    You can check your students' homework to assess how well they understood a topic and provide them with feedback in the Answers to the task tab.

  • How to receive students’ feedback about your course

    Last Updated: 19.02.2024

    SendPulse’s online course builder allows you to receive feedback from students. Everyone who takes your course can rate each lesson and test, post a review, and provide an overall course rating. This can help course creators improve their course program.

  • Email notifications sent to students

    Last Updated: 23.04.2024

    Students receive email notifications from the moment they register for a course until they complete it. These notifications help students stay in the loop of course events and updates, instructors’ responses, added lessons, and more.

  • How to send web push notifications to students

    Last Updated: 19.02.2024

    In this article, we will talk about how to create and send web push notifications to your list of students in your instructor account.

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