How to set up WhatsApp chatbot flow triggers

With SendPulse, you can create automated chatbot flows triggered by events or subscribers' actions, such as a catalog order or first chatbot interaction.

In this article, we will talk about how to set up and customize WhatsApp chatbot triggers.

You can use the Welcome message, Standard reply, and Unsubscription from the bot standard triggers in any chatbot. To create your own triggers, use keywords and Automation 360 events.

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Catalog order

To create a flow that will be triggered when a user places a catalog order, go to your WhatsApp chatbot, and click Catalog order in the WhatsApp section. To activate the trigger, turn on the toggle. To fire the trigger again, click Edit trigger.

Сlick Edit the flow.

At the start of your flow, you will see the Action element with the Notify me command and an automated reply. You can also add order variables as JSONPath.

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Bot greeting

You can create a flow that will be triggered by a user's first entering to your Business account chat. This allows you to send a welcome message or prompt further interactions.

To create this flow, enable the Welcome messages feature in Business Manager > Phone number settings > Automations.

Your first flow message will initiate a service session, and you will be charged accordingly.

To activate the trigger, click Bot greeting in the WhatsApp section, and turn on the toggle.

Click Edit the flow, and go to the builder.

At the start of your flow, you will see the Message element with a button that triggers another message. You can customize your scenario using the available builder elements.

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