What is a completed series

The number of completed series in automation indicates the number of contacts, to whom, no more messages from this automation can be sent.

Completed series of messages

A series of messages is completed if:

  • all messages from the series have been sent;
  • the automation includes the Goal element with stopping the series after reaching the goal, and the goal has been reached;
  • stopping the series with an event is configured, and the event has occurred;
  • the subscriber has unsubscribed from the email campaign.

A series of messages will not start over for a contact if the series completed for this contact, and then you made some changes to it, for example, deleted or added some blocks.

A series of messages will start over for a contact if the start trigger of this series is called again. For example, if a series of messages starts by a change of a variable from a mailing list, the series will start for a contact anew each time the selected variable is changed.

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