How to view your automation statistics

Campaign statistics help businesses analyze the effectiveness of their customized flow scenario using various communication channels. With SendPulse, you can access detailed statistics with element and recipient data.

In this article, we will talk about how to view automation statistics.

View your flow list

Go to the Automation360 > Dashboard to view the list of automated pipelines you created. You can filter them by the following criteria:

  • Flow name;
  • Mailing list name;
  • Campaign status (New, Active, Paused, or All);
  • Sender email address;
  • Sender name.

You can also filter your campaigns by their date created (ascending or descending), status, and flow type (active or stopped).

Next to each flow, you will see its status.

New A flow that hasn't been launched yet.
Active A started flow whose elements are being executed (in a queue or already sent).
Stopped A stopped flow that has been active and includes executed elements.

If certain flows are triggered by the EDU or CRM events, you will see their respective tags.

View your flow statistics

Next to each flow name, you will see its general statistics.

Subscribers in queue The number of contacts waiting for an element to be executed.
Completed series The number of contacts for whom your element execution script has been completed.
Conversions amount The number of conversions.
Messages sent The total number of sent messages in your flow.

The Flow tab

In the Flow tab, you can view your flow structure and statistics for each element in it.

Hover over an element to see the number of contacts that reached it and view its execution status.

To view another flow part, hold down the left mouse button, and move the cursor around the area.

The Statistics tab

In the Statistics tab, you can view general element statistics (Email, Push, SMS, Viber, Messenger, Action, Condition, and Filter) and the launch and completed series chart.


The chart displays your flow launch and completed series indicators. Hover over the required chart section to see the exact numbers.

You can view data for a specific period. Click Filter, select the period for which you want to view the statistics, and click OK.

You will see the charts and message elements only for the specified period.


Automated pipeline elements in the Statistics tab are displayed in the order they were added to your flow. If you edit your flow and add new elements, they will appear at the end of the list.

You can also view an infographic with the percentage of sent and opened campaigns. If you have used other elements that trigger campaign sending (Push, Messenger, SMS, and Viber), you will see their statistics, too.

Next to each element, you will see its progress statistics. For example, for the Email element, you can view statistics indicators described in the table below.

Delivered The number of subscribers your campaign has been delivered to.
Opens The number of opened campaigns and their percentage ratio to delivered campaigns.
Click-throughs The number and percentage of clicks on links or buttons.

The following data is displayed for elements:

  • For the SMS element, you will see the number of sent and delivered messages and errors.
  • For the Messenger element, you will see the number of contacts who received your campaign.
  • For the Push element, you will see the number of sent and delivered notifications and click-through statistics.
  • For the Filter, Action, Target, and Condition elements, you will see the number of element launches.

You can view only certain automated pipeline elements. Scroll down the Statistics page to the element list. Open the Show drop-down list, and select the elements you want to view.

Element statistics

If you click an automation element, a sidebar will be opened. You will see the information about element settings, statistics, and the list of contacts for whom it was launched.

You can filter your recipient list on the element sidebar.

Select the Email element, and go to the List of recipients tab. In the filter, set your criteria, and click Select.

Export data

You can export your general automation statistics and the list of contacts who reached the element.

Flow statistics

In the Statistics tab, apply any filter criterion: time, element, or both. Afterward, the Export button will appear above the launch and completed series chart.

Click Export.

The CSV file with the data will be downloaded to your device.

List of recipients

Select an element, and click Export on the left sidebar.

You can export the data to a mailing list or file.

To export data to a mailing list, select the mailing list, and click Export.

Only unique contacts can be exported to your mailing list.

To export data to a file, select a file format.

You can export all contacts from the list or only unique ones. To export only unique contacts, select the Only unique contacts option.

Click Export.

If you want to export your recipient list with additional data stored in variables, select the Extended Export option, and click Export. The extended report will be sent to the email address you used to create your SendPulse account.

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