How Automation 360 works on an expired pricing plan

An automation flow launched while a paid plan was active stops when the paid plan expires. Also an automation stops if you have less than 20 unique subscribers left according to your pricing plan.

To continue using your automation, you need to upgrade your placing plan or switch to a free one. After the expiration of your paid plan, you are not automatically switched to a free plan.

If SendPulse receives an automation event during this time, the contacts for which this event was received are stored in the main trigger.

After renewing your paid plan or switching to a free plan, the flow will automatically start for all of the contacts that are in the main trigger at the moment your plan is reactivated.

Contacts are deleted from the main trigger four days after they were added if the plan is not renewed.

With a free plan, automation flows are sent within the limits of the plan (15,000 emails to 500 subscribers).

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