How to Send a Video Through Email

When sending an email campaign, you should consider adding interactive features to your emails. Including a video is a great way to draw attention to the contents of the email. Once you choose your mailing list, it is time to create the email itself.

Step 1: Go to the Email Editor

SendPulse allows you to create any email using an HTML editor or a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

The drag-and-drop editor is a handy template builder. It helps create well-structured email templates quickly by simply dragging-and-dropping blocks and customizing them. Find more about how to create an email campaign with the template builder here.

Email editor

Step 2: Insert the Video Element

Drag a video element and place it wherever it fits in the template. Check some tips on email video making here.

With SendPulse's drag-and-drop editor, you can combine various text and visual elements to express your individuality with ease and achieve marketing goals.

Insert the video element

Step 3: Set Up the Video Element

Many ESPs do not display playable videos directly in the inbox. But a preview shot of that video, especially with a YouTube play button in the center, improves CTR significantly.

Copy and paste the YouTube link in the respective field. Stylize the video element to your liking, customize the inner padding, background color, and contours.

Set up the video element

Step 4: Test and Launch Email

You can send a test email right from the template builder to your email address. Make sure your video preview is displayed as expected, and the link is working.

Launch your campaign and monitor statistics to get the full image of your campaign’s success.

Launch your campaign

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