General information about the email service

  • How to Screenshot an Email

    Last Updated: 17.07.2020

    Make a full-length screenshot of any email from your Gmail inbox using SendPulse’s Chrome extension. You just need to add this extension to your Google Chrome browser and download an image in the PNG format.

  • How to Send Marketing Emails

    Last Updated: 02.12.2020

    Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and other email providers are not designed for sending emails en masse. They limit the number of daily recipients to 500 and may ban you for exceeding that limit. To send marketing emails to more than 500 subscribers, you need to use a bulk email service that provides you with all the necessary tools for successful email marketing.

  • How to Send 10,000 Emails at Once for Free

    Last Updated: 02.12.2020

    No service in the world allows you to send 10,000 emails at once for free. Email providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo limit the number of daily recipients to 500 and consider you a spammer for trying to send more. Bulk email services, like SendPulse or Mailchimp, are specialized in sending emails en masse. With SendPulse, it will cost you only $32 to send 10,000 emails, while it will cost $200 with Mailchimp. Note that SendPulse has a free plan, which allows you to send up to 15,000 monthly emails to 500 recipients.

  • How to Send Transactional Emails

    Last Updated: 13.02.2020

    Sending transactional emails is easy as one-two-three with SendPulse. You just need to register your account, set up an event that will trigger email sending, and create an email or sequence of emails. You can also set up an SMTP server for sending transactional emails.

  • How to Send Email Newsletters with SendPulse

    Last Updated: 02.12.2020

    To create perfect newsletters, you need to register with SendPulse, prepare a list of recipients, and use our intuitive template builder — it requires no coding skills at all.

  • How to Create Email Templates with the Save Email Template Extension

    Last Updated: 29.07.2022

    Save Email Template by SendPulse is an extension for the Chrome browser that helps you download any email template from Gmail in the following formats: PNG, PDF, and HTML. The extension also allows you to save email templates to SendPulse and create campaigns for your customers using them.

  • Why Gmail Clips Emails and How to Avoid it

    Last Updated: 30.03.2022

    If your email is larger than 102KB, Gmail may clip it in the subscriber's inbox. In this case, your subscribers will only see part of the message, and the rest of the content will be hidden behind the "View entire message" link. Sometimes a piece of code may appear in the email if the closing tag of the code line is cut while clipping.

  • How to Check Emails for Spam with SendPulse

    Last Updated: 26.10.2021

    SendPulse recently updated the drag and drop editor with a built-in spam checker. With this tool, you can improve your email deliverability and create better email templates. Unlike other email spam checkers, it takes one click in SendPulse to know which aspects of the email campaign need changes. For this you need to...

  • How to Add an Email Preheader

    Last Updated: 27.01.2020

    An email preheader is a short snippet of text that follows the subject line in an inbox. It increases the email open rate, allows subscribers to catch the main idea of the message, and reduce spam complaints by avoiding that typical “Unsubscribe now” or “View in a web browser.”

  • How to Send Promotional Emails

    Last Updated: 08.12.2020

    Promotional emails are the most popular type of email in marketing. Companies send these emails to put their products or services in front of potential customers, increasing brand awareness. Since email marketing is not only about making sales, marketers try hard to keep subscribers engaged and build trusting relationships with them.

  • How to Send a Video Through Email

    Last Updated: 28.01.2020

    When sending an email campaign, you should consider adding interactive features to your emails. Including a video is a great way to draw attention to the contents of the email. Once you choose your mailing list, it is time to create the email itself.

  • How to Send a Follow-Up Email

    Last Updated: 23.08.2021

    SendPulse offers free tools for email marketers to send follow-up emails. Automation 360 allows you to create a variety of follow-up emails: after an attendee participated in your webinar and you want to ask for feedback; after a user experienced your service and you want them to participate in a survey, or even if you’re going to upsell your product.

  • How to Send a Welcome Email

    Last Updated: 03.12.2020

    Email marketers send a welcome email automatically after a user fills in and confirms the subscription form. Welcome emails show new subscribers that the company cares and wants to engage them to take part in communication.

  • How to Send a Confirmation Email

    Last Updated: 01.12.2020

    Marketers send confirmation emails to confirm a purchase, booking, subscription, registration, etc. Confirmation emails help lead potential customers down the sales funnel. With SendPulse, subscription confirmation emails work automatically if you use our subscription form builder.

  • How to Do SMS Advertising

    Last Updated: 23.08.2021

    SMS advertising is a marketing channel for promoting products and services via mobile phones. It has a global reach, as five billion people have a mobile connection. SendPulse allows advertising via SMS, along with other marketing channels.

  • How to Create a Free Chatbot

    Last Updated: 30.01.2020

    To create a chatbot, you need to register with SendPulse, develop the right script for your bot, and create a flow of messages in the chatbot builder — it's easy and requires no programming knowledge.

  • How to Check Your Sender Reputation

    Last Updated: 10.12.2020

    Monitoring the factors like your sending volume and frequency, abuse complaints and traps, bounces, unsubscribing, and users’ interaction gives you an overall picture of your sender reputation. However, there are tools like Mail-Tester and SenderScore to find out more specific information.

  • How to Send Scheduled Emails

    Last Updated: 22.01.2020

    Fill in all the necessary details. Continue and use the drag-and-drop editor to create a structure. Add text and images into the elements. Click on “Save and continue,” and it will move you to the “Parameters check.”

  • How to Create an HTML Email

    Last Updated: 04.12.2020

    To create an HTML email, you need to register with SendPulse and use an intuitive template builder — this requires no coding knowledge from you.

  • How to Add a GIF to an Email

    Last Updated: 23.08.2021

    Follow the step-by-step guide below to convert a video to a GIF-animation with the SendPulse HTML email editor.

  • How to Create an Email Campaign

    Last Updated: 22.01.2020

    Click “Create a campaign.” Pick the mailing list and use segmentation if necessary. Select “From” email address. Type in the Sender’s name and create a subject line, personalize it with the variables on the right of the field. Add emojis to a subject line if that appeals to your goals.

  • How to Personalize Emails

    Last Updated: 03.12.2020

    Email personalization is a must for every brand. This implies using personal information about a recipient to increase email open rate, CTR, conversions, and sales. SendPulse offers simple and smart personalization options, both available on the free plan.

  • How Much Does Bulk Email Cost

    Last Updated: 23.08.2021

    Prices vary from service to service. They depend on the maximum mailing list size and the features available. On average, the price for 2,000 subscribers starts at $27, 5,000 — starts at $47, 10,000 — starts at $69, 50,000 — starts at $253. Still, some bulk email services offer forever free pricing plans. Choose a platform that provides the best solutions for your business at the most reasonable price.

  • How to Gather Email Addresses for Free

    Last Updated: 11.12.2020

    There is a great variety of ways to get bulk email addresses for free. Still, there is one MUST to follow: make sure that the methods are legal. If you are looking for a place to purchase a list — forget it. That won't do.

  • UniSender Alternative

    Last Updated: 23.08.2021

    There are a large number of mailing services, and sometimes it can be rather challenging to decide which one to choose.

  • How to Get a Bulk Email Permit

    Last Updated: 09.12.2020

    A bulk email permit is a must in email marketing. It implies explicit permission to receive emails from you given by your subscribers.

  • How to Set Up DMARC Policy Record

    Last Updated: 31.03.2022

    Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) is an email sender authentication policy based on the DKIM and SPF protocols. This policy determines how the recipient's email server should process incoming emails if the sender’s address is not identified.

  • How to Send Bulk Emails Without Getting Blacklisted

    Last Updated: 23.08.2021

    The answer is: choose a reliable email service with a high domain reputation. This way, you can focus on creating striking email campaigns while the service takes care of the technical side of things.

  • How to View Email Headers in Popular Email Services

    Last Updated: 16.10.2022

    Email headers can tell you when and from whom an email was received and show its path. These elements also include essential information that various services often add to emails.

  • Comparison with Constant Contact

    Last Updated: 23.08.2021

    There are a large number of services for email marketing, and sometimes it can be hard to decide which one you should choose.

  • How to Check if an Email Address Exists

    Last Updated: 11.12.2020

    If the metrics of your email deliverability, opens, CTR, and conversions are high. Your mailing list validity will hardly bother you. The moment you find out that the percentage of delivered and opened emails decreases dramatically, you will certainly give some thought to your mailing list quality. Other evidence of an unengaged audience is the number or the percentage of emails marked as spam.

  • How to Use Social Media in Email

    Last Updated: 23.01.2020

    If you don’t add social media icons to your email campaign, you continue losing prospects. Before using your product or service, users still check whether your brand is “present” on socials. And, if they fail to find your profiles, your credibility will decrease. Socials allow people to discover more about your product, read reviews about and find out about the audience that your product serves. Moreover, the number of active users is increasing dramatically year after year.

  • How to Segment Customers

    Last Updated: 09.12.2020

    If you have just started your business, this question may not be relevant for you yet, as the main task at this point is not segmenting customers but acquiring them. As your client base grows, you may find that satisfying the needs of everyone becomes harder day after day. This issue can be easily illustrated: imagine that you came across an interesting ebook store and subscribed. Since then, you regularly receive their newsletters with the last arrivals, top-rated literature, and discounted books. Indeed, you have preferences, if you like ancient literature, you may not be interested in modern bestsellers. Hence, you unsubscribe from updates from the ebook site. It's great when you can manage your preferences regarding the content that you receive. This way, you only get relevant information and offers. But, what if a store doesn't offer content preferences? The store will lose a client because it didn't segment its customers.

  • MailChimp Alternative

    Last Updated: 23.08.2021

    There are a large number of services for email marketing, and sometimes it can be hard to decide which one to choose.

  • How to Design an Email Template

    Last Updated: 11.12.2020

    There is a great variety of full-fledged guides on email template design on the internet. They contain both general information and useful tips, hints, and advice.

  • Email deliverability best practices

    Last Updated: 26.11.2020

    Email deliverability is one of the core issues in email marketing. Conversions are impossible without your emails in the recipients' inboxes. You can claim that you have a permission to send emails, so why can't your emails get into the inbox? Permission does not guarantee deliverability.

  • Compare SendPulse to Other Services

    Last Updated: 28.01.2020

    When reviewing service providers, it’s essential to be able to use the service before making a financial commitment and understanding what you will be charged for if you decide to upgrade.

  • Email Template Size

    Last Updated: 23.08.2021

    You must take the email template size into account when creating a campaign. We create campaigns for our subscribers, that's why they should meet their needs. People use different email clients; they have different devices, not to speak of internet speed. So, we should follow the most optimal and already tested practices.

  • Free Email Services

    Last Updated: 05.12.2019

    There is a big choice of email marketing services that offer a great variety of features for different prices. While searching for a service, the first issue to consider is the price or if it includes a free pricing plan. Yes, all services have paid plans, but some offer free pricing plans and free trials for beginners to discover the benefits and enjoy email marketing.

  • How to Grow Your Email List

    Last Updated: 27.01.2023

    Growing an email list is an issue that is of great interest to both the beginners and professionals in email marketing. It doesn’t matter how large your email list is, you’ll surely want to get more subscribers.

  • How to Check if Your Domain is Blacklisted

    Last Updated: 10.12.2019

    If you don't use email services to send bulk campaigns, you'll have to check whether your domain is not blacklisted. Special platforms take care of your sender's reputation and guarantee secure servers. After registering with SendPulse, you'll no longer need to worry about your domain's reputation. Still, if you don't use marketing services, follow this step-by-step guide to check your domain.

  • How to Do Email Marketing

    Last Updated: 10.12.2020

    If you are reading this article, you are interested in applying email marketing to your business. You may have already heard that email marketing is the best and least expensive way to organize your work. In this article, we will discuss particularly how to do email marketing at every step.

  • Benefits of Email Marketing

    Last Updated: 10.12.2020

    Email marketing is so effective and beneficial for a good reason…to be specific, for a dozen good reasons. If you came across this article, even by chance, you are already interested in email marketing and probably know some of its benefits. 

  • How to Send Software via Email

    Last Updated: 10.12.2019

    You may need to send software via email, but email services tend to restrict the size of attachments. Besides, Gmail, for example, is not kind to the files with extension “exe”. Nevertheless, there are some methods to avoid this problem.

  • How to Send Large Files via Email

    Last Updated: 04.08.2020

    Email services usually restrict the size of attached files to 25 MB or less. To be able to share a larger file via email, the most appropriate way would be uploading it to one of the available storage services (like Google Drive) and then adding the link to the shareable file to your email.

  • How to Send Emails to Multiple Recipients Without Recipients Knowing

    Last Updated: 05.04.2021

    If you use Gmail to send bulk emails, you face a common problem — the list of recipients is visible to every recipient. To eliminate this, you can either use a Blind Carbon Copy, or what you may need is a specialized service.

  • Why is Email Marketing so Effective

    Last Updated: 23.08.2021

    Do you have an email address? Do you have a habit of checking your inbox at least once a day?  If your answers to both these questions are “Yes,” you may have an idea of why email marketing is so effective nowadays. 

  • How to Send Bulk Emails Without Spamming

    Last Updated: 27.01.2023

    Usually, the simplest answer is: use a specialized service — it takes care of the technical and the most complicated side of things (SPF, DKIM records, and IP reputation).  However, if you want to learn things the hard way, you can read this guide.

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