How to add checkpoint tasks

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A checkpoint is a task students must complete to move on to the next lesson. Students will not be able to continue their studies unless they complete this task successfully.

Let's talk about how they can help you and your students and which course elements can act as checkpoints.

What is the purpose of checkpoints?

Checkpoints allow students to track their progress and organize and speed up the learning process.

Students' results also highlight the lessons and materials that are difficult to understand, allowing course creators to invest more time and effort to explain them better.

However, just like with other assignments, there should not be too many checkpoints. Their number should depend on the structure of your course and your capacity to check homework and provide feedback.

Setting up a linear course flow

If a step-by-step approach is essential to your course, you can choose a linear flow and add checkpoints where it makes sense.

To select a linear course flow, go to the Settings, and, in the Course lesson flow option, select A new lesson becomes available after completing the previous lesson. This way, students have to mark a lesson as completed before proceeding to the next one.

Read more: Course lesson flow.

Course elements that act as checkpoints

User agreement

You may need your students to read and accept certain legal agreements before your course starts. These may include your privacy policy, terms of use, or other regulations.

If you put them at the beginning of a linear course, students can proceed only after they read and accept the agreements by marking them as completed.


Homework is an internal part of a lesson. To add a new one, create or select an existing lesson and add the Task element in the lesson editor.

Note that you should disable the Auto-accept answers option for this homework assignment and go to the Answers to the task tab to check it.


A test can also act as an element that does not allow students to move on to other lessons once they complete it.

You can select Add a test from the drop-down menu on the course overview page or create a new one.

Set a minimum passing score in the test settings to ensure that a student has gained the necessary skills and knowledge.

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