How to create a test

You can create a test to assess students' knowledge and skills for each section of the course they complete. Customize the test page, add questions and other media, and set a score for each correct answer.

Add a test

Go to your course page. Click on the arrow next to the Add Lesson button, and select Add test.

You can also create a test using the lesson builder. Click on the top left menu, and below the lesson list, click on the arrow, and select Add Test.

Enter a name for your test. Below the title, you can include a test description to give students an overview of the topics covered.

You can’t alter the standard title and description formatting, but you can add more elements and customize them.

Add a question

Enter the question text. To change the question formatting, click on the text itself — you will see the editing panel. Change the color and font to highlight keywords and headings.

You can also add a link, format the text as a list, and add your style code via <>.

You can add extra elements to every question. Click +, and select an element. For example, you can add images or audio recordings and ask students questions about them.

You can configure test elements the same way you configure lesson elements. Read more about how to customize elements: Add elements.

Add answer options

Type in your text next to every answer option.

To add more answer options, go to the question customization panel. Click an answer option, and in the right panel, click Add. You can add up to 10 answer options.

Choose the correct answer

Select the correct answer in the panel on the right.

To select multiple answers, activate the Allow multiple answers option.

If you opt to show a correct answer hint in the settings, enter your text under the correct option.

Add a next question

To add another question, click on the + sign below the created question.

You can also copy your question if your questions are similar or if you have the same answer options.

To rearrange your questions, click on the Down or Up arrows.

Configure test options

Click on the top left panel to expand the list of lessons, and select Test settings from the drop-down menu of the desired lesson.

Test access options

If you add a new lesson to a running course, its access will be automatically set to Closed. To make your lesson available, go to its settings.

In the Access field, select a test availability option:

Active If your course is non-sequential, students will be able to take the test right away. If it is sequential, they will need to reach the required course section to take the test.
Inactive Students cannot take the test.
Schedule an opening Students can take the test on a scheduled date and time.

You can select from the following scheduling options:

On a date The test will be available on a selected date and time.

Select a date, time, and timezone.

If you select a past date, your lesson or test will be marked as Open.

In The test will be available after the previous test launch.

Enter the number of days for which the system should wait after the previous test launch to make your next test available.

This option is available only if you have scheduled your previous test.

Test results affect students’ certification according to your selected course criteria (Complete all lessons and pass the tests and Pass the tests).

If you select one of these criteria in the settings, make sure that all your tests are available — otherwise, students won’t see them and won’t be able to complete your course.

Scores and passing criteria

You can select the following options:

Score for the correct answer

Specify the number of points attributed to students for selecting correct answers to test questions.

If you set several correct answer options, and a user does not select all of them, no points will be attributed to them.

Score for passing the test Specify how many points a student must score to pass the test. Your indicated value should not exceed the maximum number of points for all test questions in total.

Students will need to complete every test with the minimum passing score to receive a course certificate if you select the Complete all lessons and pass the tests or Pass the tests completion criteria in your course settings.

Attempts to pass Select the number of attempts students can have to improve their test scores. You can set the number of attempts from 1 to Unlimited.

If you set it to 1, students will have only one attempt to pass the test.

Questions and hints

You can select the following options:

Show questions randomly Used to set the order in which students will see your test questions. If you want it to be random, enable the Show questions randomly option.
Show the correct answer after an error Used to display the correct answer if a user has selected an incorrect one.
Show answer explanations Used to provide explanations during a test. Once students select an incorrect answer, they will see a description of every correct answer, helping them reinforce their knowledge.

If you enable this option, you can also add a correct option hint.

Once you configure all the required settings, click Apply.

Additional actions

Available with a paid pricing plan, as well as during the 7-day free trial

If you have the same or similar elements in your course, you can copy sections, lessons, or tests to speed up the process of course development.

Go to the left sidebar menu, and click the three dots icon next to your section name.

Duplicate Allows you to add the exact same section with all its lessons, tests, and settings to the current course.
Copy to course Allows you to add the exact same section with all its lessons, tests, and settings to another course.

Permanently deletes the test.

In this case, all the test progress will be lost for students who gained a passing score.

Once you finish creating and configuring your test, click Save and exit in the upper right corner of the builder.

You can view test results and student progress in the Analytics tab and student cards.

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