How to upload a custom course certificate

Available with the Pro plan and above, as well as during the 7-day free trial

With SendPulse, you can create a certificate for your entire course and offer it to all students to reward them for completing it. However, if the standard certificate template doesn't work for you, you can create and upload a personalized certificate for each student.

In this article, we will talk about how to issue custom certificates in your course.

Check the file requirements

You can design a unique certificate, and your students can view and download it from their accounts. Save your certificates as PNG or PDF files, and name them correctly. The recommended file size for uploading is no more than 5 MB.

Your file name should contain only your unique course ID digits and the student’s email address they used to create a SendPulse account — for example,

You can copy your course ID from your browser's address bar if you view the course. Thus, in the URL:, the course ID is 5738.

Upload certificates

Go to Certificates, and click Open file manager. You can also go to File Manager directly.

You can download as many certificates as you need.

In the opened tab, create a new folder for your course certificates, or go to an existing one.

You can create a shared folder for certificates in all your courses or one for each. We recommend using your course names or IDs to name these folders so that you can quickly differentiate them from one another.

Click Upload files.

Drag and drop your files from the viewer, or click the ⍗ icon to select files from your device. Then, click Upload.

Specify the folder in your course settings

Go to your course’s settings. Turn on the Certificate toggle, and select the Certificate folder option.

Specify the file manager folder you want to use to issue your certificate.

Now, students will see the certificate in their accounts and will be able to download it once they complete your course.

If you don’t upload your certificate to the folder specified in your course settings or name the file differently, students will be notified that the certificate is not yet ready. In this case, they can contact their instructor to upload the certificate.

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