How to create a variable in a chatbot audience

You can add variables with different types of data to your chatbot audience and use that data to filter your subscribers and send personalized messages.

To create a variable, select your chatbot, and go to the Audience tab.

Click Create Variable.

Add your variable name. You can enter up to 64 characters. Select your variable type:

String Used to enter up to 255 characters.
Number Used to enter numbers.
Date Used to enter dates in the DD/MM/YYYY format.
Email Used to enter email addresses. The email contact is also saved to your mailing list in the email service for creating email campaigns.
Phone Used to enter the phone number in the international format, including a plus sign, country code, and operator code. The phone contact is also saved to the mailing list in the email service for creating email campaigns.
Link Used to enter links starting with https://.

Used to enter a date and time in the tt:mm format.

Click Add to save the variable.

The variable will appear as an additional column in the list of your chatbot subscribers. When you hover over a variable name, you can view its type, change the name, and delete it.

To hide or show variables in your chatbot audience, click the icon on the right. Select the checkbox to display the variables, and uncheck the checkbox to hide them.

You can set values for your variables manually via API and configure their automatic addition. Your variable value can contain up to 1,024 characters.

Read more: How to manage variables.

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