What is a unique subscribers list

The list of unique subscribers is created so that the service can track the number of recipients whom you send emails within a month of the "Subscription" pricing plan activation. The mailing list can have duplicate email addresses, and the list of unique subscribers displays the number of email addresses without duplicates.

To see your list of unique subscribers, go to Mailing list tab, and click Unique subscribers list.

How the list of Unique Subscribers is formed

Email addresses are gathered in the list of unique subscribers after the first email is sent to them. The list is updated monthly.

Removing an email address from the mailing list does not remove it from the list of unique subscribers.

You can remove an email address from the mailing lists, but if a campaign has already been sent to it, it will be considered unique until the end of the current month. The list of unique subscribers is updated when you change your subscription plan.

If your email size exceeds 1 MB, your unique subscribers list is formed differently.

If your email size is 2 MB, the system treats it as two emails and two unique email addresses. That is, if you want to send an email weighing 2 MB to your 500 subscribers, it will count as 1000 unique subscribers (two for each email).

The number of your unique email addresses should not exceed the number of addresses in your plan.

If there is at least one new email address in the mailing list that is not in the list of unique addresses, the service will add it to this list. Your campaign will be sent provided that the number of unique subscribers is not exceeded. Otherwise, SendPulse will offer you to upgrade your pricing plan.

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