How to set up web push notifications with a website builder

You can add web push notifications to website builders — without knowing anything about coding — to inform website visitors about news, sales, order statuses, and other important events.

Most site builders provide the option to add extra code to the <head> element of the site. Let's look at how to add a script for configuring web push notifications to a site created with Wix.

Where to find the script from SendPulse to connect a push service

When adding a new site

To add a new site, go to the Push section, click Add site. Select the site protocol (http or https), and insert the domain of your site.

Pages of sites with domains created with a dot (.) are considered separate sites and must be added separately. Site pages with domains created with a slash (/) are considered pages of a single. After installing the script and collecting subscribers, you can divide the audience using segmentation.

Then select the type of request and display conditions and click Next step.

Copy the script from the box and go to the next step.

To install the push service on most sites created with a constructor, additional files are not needed.

In an already added site

Select a site and click Site Settings.

Go to the Site Integration tab and copy the script.

How To install the script on your website

The push script must be added to the <head> of your site. Let's look at how to add an example of inserting a script on the Wix website builder.

Please note that adding a script to your website is only available on premium pricing plans after you have added a domain.

Select your site, go to the Settings tab, scroll down to the advanced settings and click Custom code.

In the head section, click Add code.

Paste the script from SendPulse here.

Click Apply.

Switch the tumbler to enable.

Next, on your site, you will see a request to receive push notifications.

How to check the connection of the script to the site

On your site

You can verify the script by going to the source code of your site. To do this, go to the site and press CTRL + U or right-click and select View page source.

There the script you added should appear in the <head> element. If it is not there, then the page has not been re-published yet, or you added the script to the wrong page.

In SendPulse

If you installed the script on a separate page, then to verify the code, you need to specify this page in SendPulse.
Select a site, go to Site settings > General settings tab, and click Specify a page to check. In the next window, specify this page and click Check.

Note that it may take some time for the server to recognize the script after installation.

Go to the Website integration tab, click Check Settings. If the script was added correctly, the corresponding icon will appear.

Also, an icon showing a successful connection can be found on the main page.

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